Hello July

Hello my dear readers,

And another month has gone and July is here.

Hello July

We are at the beginning of July, and we are exactly in the middle of the year. Where does the name July come from?

The month of July owes its name to Julius Caesar (Gaius Iulius Caesar), born this month. General, statesman, and historian, Caesar (the only one of the “Caesars” that we uniquely identify with “Julius Caesar”) conquered Gaul (now part of Italy, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands), changed the structure of the Roman government into a dictatorship, was murdered in a legendary manner, and above all contributed to making the calendar what it is today.

To Caesar we owe the 365-day year and the existence of a leap year every four. It was he, in 46 BC, who promulgated the Julian calendar, elaborated on the cycle of the seasons by the Greek astronomer Sosigene of Alexandria and other mathematicians.

After assigning 445 days to the year 708 of Rome (46 BC), which he called ultimus annus confusionis, Caesar established that the year would have 365 days and that every four years there should be an extra day.

The Latin julius then gave life to the many variations in the neo-Latin languages: in Spanish it is called Julio, in French Juillet, in Romanian Iulie, in Portuguese Julho. Even in non-neo-Latin languages the same root has remained: in English it is called July, in German July.

How was your June?

For me it was a quieter month. Besides my office work, I held a few cooking classes and developed a few recipes.

My book for June?

An excellent fantasy book The Quicksilver Court by Melissa Caruso.

The Quicksilver Court – Melissa Caruso

The Quicksilver Court is the book two from Rooks and Ruin Series by Melissa Caruso. It is a wildly, breathtaking epic fantasy series packed with ambition and intrigue, questionable loyalties and broken magic.


Ryxander, Warden of Gloamingard, has failed, and the hidden door from the Black Tower has opened, releasing demons. When an artifact that can wipe out all life in a domain is stolen, Ryxander will do whatever it takes to save her home from disaster. But to succeed, Ryx’s sacrifice is bigger than she could have imagined.

Full of political and magical intrigue, gripping suspense, the book is immediately engaging. A must-read adventure for all fantasy fans.

For the cooking part

I share some of the recipes that I’ve enjoyed developing in June:

Old Fashioned Beef Stroganoff
Mexican Chicken Salad (Ensalada de Pollo)
Sautéed Soft Shell Crab

Wish you all a wonderful July, filled with health, happiness, love and lots of accomplishments.

Happy July!

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  1. Nice book reference to begin awesome July with. Thank you Ribana. Have a wonderful and peaceful July 🤗🎉💐

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