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  1. Sweet potato which is already sweet, with a combination of brocolli salt and garlic yep its a great combo 😍

      1. We only eat this as a snack. Never combined with any food so farπŸ˜…. What could it go with? πŸ€” It’s a sweet Snack we eat and give to bachee babies that’s it ☺️

      2. Ahhh, this is new. Serves with meat? Fish? Umm, sounds good though especially with fried fish and dry pepper fry I think it’s going to be a delicious combination. Gonna try this weekend. 😎

  2. TQ for sharing the baked sweet potato recipe, I will definitely try this. I used to boil with salt and oil then peel of the skin, make slices and it. But this seems Luscious.

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