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  1. Yum Yum, Freshness to my mind. Last day I’m not breaking my sugar free Challenge. Tomorrow, this is on my wish list to eat👿 😁

      1. This is very short one Ribana, I’m sure you can pull it off. 10 days no form of any sugar to be taken, the only form of sugar you can take is from fruits, banana is a good alternate source to control your sugar craving. 10 days made a huge change for me, I’m a sweet tooth, 10 days felt like a month 😅.

      2. Hahaha…10 days without any sweets…hmmm…I’m not a sweet tooth and I guess I have lots of days without any sweets except fruits, but I’ve never counted them 😁

      3. Then that shouldn’t be a worry to you. Have you tried 25 days of no junk food challenge 😉☺️ that could be challenging for me, waiting for the right month to participate that 😁

      4. No junk food is my daily diet actually 🤩😉 Is very rarely that I eat junk food, so that shouldn’t be a problem ☺️
        Just switch to healthier choices and then you’re ok 😉

      5. Wow, now that says your age 💪 young forever …. the current job is spoiling my food timing which itself becoming a junk these days. Im working for a better job, soon will get back on track, until such time these challenges will do 😁 Thanks Ribana 🥰

      6. Most of the time work gets in the way of a healthy diet 😬 Luckily I’m still working from home 😉
        I hope you’ll find the job that you wish 😉

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