Thriving Nature During COVID-19

Hello my dear readers,

Look at this beautiful wild mushrooms.

Wild mushroom

Nature was thriving during COVID-19.

I have tried to identify these wild mushrooms but to not avail.

If you know what kind of mushrooms are these, I would love to know.

They were so so beautiful!

I hope people will not start destroying again this beautiful nature.

Take care of our Mother Nature!

Have a lovely day!

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Love, R

All photo credit: Popsicle Society taken with iPhone 11

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  1. Nature is thriving, Earth is restoring, as soon the people restore back to their regular works, Let’s hope they don’t spoil the restored again. Strict laws can stop all this. Nice pictures Ribana✨ Have a wonderful ThursdayπŸ₯³

    1. I hope so Simon! I think if people would be humans, no strict laws would be needed πŸ˜–
      Just need to act responsibly πŸ˜‰ which for most people is impossible πŸ˜–
      Thank you Simon! Wish you a wonderful day! πŸ€©πŸ€—

      1. Yes we knew, Humans can never be human or act respobsible, that’s why we have laws, Wish humans are born responsible 😊

    1. Honestly I did not notice what tree was but don’t think is an oak. However, yes, it grows at the base of a tree and searching on Google Meripilus sumstinei is very similar πŸ˜‰ Thank you 😊

  2. That’s amazing and I agree with you, nature was indeed thriving while humans were isolating at home. Thanks for sharing and have a good day πŸ˜€ Aiva

  3. When I think of the dolphins returning to Venice, or the mountain ranges visible for the first time in decades, I feel like nature is telling us how easy it could be to solve the environmental problems if we just use our combined efforts. There is so much each individual can do.

    1. Very true Dorothy! It could be very easy! We just need to care and respect it! She is doing so much for us! If only we could respect it everything would be so much better! 🌸🌸

  4. A beautiful mushroom Ribana! Not likely the same as anything we have up here in the north though it does have a similar look. Never eat a mushroom without knowing for sure what it is though. Many are very poisonous, have found several poisonous ones around here. But they are so amazing though.πŸ˜€πŸ˜ΊπŸŒžπŸ„

    1. So very true! Human race is really destroying this earth, we are like a virus for our planet! I hope after this Covid situation people will start being more responsible and respect our planet that gives us so much!

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