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Hello all,

I have a blog and I write my posts but I don’t consider myself a writer.

I have words in 3 languages flying around inside my had so I have lots of difficulty in expressing my thoughts but I wanted to give a try to Rory’s game What’s your story then?

If you are not familiar with Rory’s game:

Below are 12 assorted letters – your creative role is to make words from those jumbled letters and insert them into a tale of no more than 200 words total on a provided topic … it really is that simple!

The letters given are: D, A, O, E, N, I, Z, O, J, U, L, C and today’s topic is: The Storm

And here is my story:

What a wonderful sunny spring day. Everything is back to life after a dark winter. It feels so good to be Alive.

Oh hello, I’ve forgot to Introduce myself. I’m Zoey, a Cute Ladybug.

I’m a lucky ladybug if you ask me, because I have humans that let me stay in their kitchen. I’m just Nearby the kitchen window enjoying the sunshine and admiring the beautiful flowers. My humans have a wonderful garden, full of all kind of flowers but my favourite of all are sweet peas. Don’t get me wrong I do appreciate all of them and I visit them pretty Often but the fragrant of sweet peas is simply irresistible. I’m simply Obsessed with them.

And while I sit here Enjoying my sunshine, suddenly it Disappears. Oh no, what happened? The sun is gone! All at once the sky turned black and dark clouds are waiting to Unload their weight.

And just like that the Storm is here. The thunders and lightning are very scary. The girls in the garden don’t like it either but they can’t hide. Oh well, lucky me I can sit inside. What? Don’t Judge me, I’m just a small cute ladybug after all.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Thank you all for reading! I’m sure you’ve heard better stories but hey, don’t judge me, I just wanted to give it a try 😉 🐞

Wish you a wonderful day!

Love, R

49 thoughts

  1. Ow~ so cute of a story! 🙈 and Thank you for introducing me to the game! Never heard of it! Have a great day Ribana! 🙈💝

  2. I loved it 😍😍😍. You have an amazing writer inside that head. And the challenge is really interesting. I would like to try, Will spend some time, by tomorrow😉. looking forward to see you take up more challenge likes that 😍✨👌 Have a wonderful Thursday Ahead 💐

    1. Thank you very much Simon! I wish I could express my thoughts 😝😝 but the challenge is great! Really made my brain to work 🤪
      Enjoy it Simon! Have a lovely day ahead! 🤗😊🤩

    1. Thank you Rory! Innovatively? Means I did not do it as per “usual”? I must go and search for the others and see how they do it and learn from them 😉

      1. Hey Ribana, innovatively in this case means exactly that 🙂 Everyone has a different interpretation of the game and the beauty is there isn’t a specific one way one thought one direction only approach 🙂

      2. Yes, that’s exactly it – the way you answered was excellent – l hadn’t seen it from that perspective but of course that is another interpretation – that’s the beauty of individuality Ribana 🙂

  3. I’ve read worse. And this story is far better than average. It’s amazing! If it got an illustration it will be a wonderful story for kids. I really love this. So cute and sunny. Would read it to Orion later 😁

      1. Aw just an honest opinion. You will hear crickets from me if I didn’t like it haha 😀

        I haven’t read it to him yet ( I forgot because it’s always stressful when I send him to bed ) but I will film it when he’s in the mood to sit down and read 😀

      2. I am an honest person and I like honest opinions 😉🤗 even if sometimes I may not like them haha🤪🤪
        If Orion is like his mom for sure things are not easy with him 🤪
        But at least he likes to eat 😉🤩🤗🤩💕

      3. Yes, at least we find a level ground at the table, but we give his father a headache. We fight like cats and dogs 😂 and cuddle like there’s no tomorrow and then argue like the heaven is about to fall. 😂

      4. Hahaha…you have a mini me 😉 That’s a funny relationship 💕💕 but I guess is not easy for the ones watching and listening you 🤪🤪
        But better having a “normal” person in the house, just in case you two go crazy😉🤪

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