Friday Funday or is it?

Hello my dear readers,

Welcome back to Friday Funday.

Honestly, since this Coronavirus or Wuhan virus outbreak, I don’t know if it’s a funday really…

Seems that every year are an estimated one billion cases of seasonal influenza viruses (flu), resulting in 290,000 to 650,000 deaths per year in the world due to complications, and nobody is speaking too much about it.

But still, this Coronavirus or Wuhan virus is pretty worrying.

While the definitive origin of this new virus is still under investigation, it was linked to Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, a wet market in Wuhan, China, which had a thousand stalls selling fish, chickens, pheasants, bats, marmots, venomous snakes, spotted deer and the organs of rabbits and other wild animals, and has led to the presumption of the illness having an animal source.

This has resulted in the fear that it would be similar to the previous SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) outbreak from 2002, that started in China, with a total of 8,098 people that became sick, and resulted in more than 700 deaths worldwide. And to not forget that it took more than a year and half to be cleared of it.

There are so many cultures and cuisines in this world, for example the wet markets, are open marketplaces with stalls selling fresh meat and fish, and are considered a traditional form of food retail in large Asian cities, superior to modern supermarkets and grocers for Chinese consumers.

Wuchang fish market
A man cuts up a fish in a wet market in Wuchang, Wuhan city, Hubei province. Photo: Simon Song

I’m sure who travelled to Asia is very familiar with these wet markets, and I respect all these traditions as this is what makes our world so unique and beautiful, but in these cases, in these crowded markets brimming with everything from freshly caught fish to live poultry and reptiles, these are the perfect places for new viruses and dangerous infections to form and jump between species. I believe the respective authorities should be more careful and have better sanitary rules to keep the markets clean, to tighten regulations and to avoid these kind of viruses to form and spread.

Here in Singapore, the situation of the Coronavirus seems under control but for me is the first time that I experience something like this, and I must admit the situation is not really pink, and I hope authorities will take the necessary actions to avoid the spread as much as possible.

What impresses me the most, is that in one month, this virus travelled around the world! Countries have begun to confirm cases…I can understand the nearby countries, but including USA and Europe. It is really incredible! And unfortunately is the worst period now with the festivities for Chinese New Year!

Countries with Confirmed Coronavirus CasesABC News, WHO, CDC, NHC, Dingxiangyuan, Local Governments

I take the public transport to go to work and is kind of scary, especially because people without any symptoms can have it and spread it, without even being aware.

They say is spreading through droplets when people cough or sneeze but also by touching an infected person.

So far there are 13 confirmed cases in Singapore, but I’m afraid more will come as according to China’s National Health Commission, the number of confirmed cases in China increased and as per yesterday 30th Jan, there were 7,711 and 170 people had died.

Lots of airlines have begun to scale back or even cancel flights to China as the death toll and number of cases rises.

The common symptoms of Coronavirus are exactly the same as for a normal flu:

  • runny nose
  • headache
  • cough
  • sore throat
  • fever
  • a general feeling of being unwell

Photo  credit: The Sun UK 

How contagious is this Wuhan Coronavirus?

It seems one infected case would create between 2 and 3 new cases.

WHO (World Health Organisation) Risk Assessment

  • China: Very High
  • Region: High
  • Global: High

Small but very important things that we can do to protect ourselves:

  • wash our hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • avoid touching our eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.
  • avoid close contact with people who are unwell.
  • cover our mouth and nose with a tissue when sneezing or coughing.

According to the experts, wearing a mask can limit but not eliminate the risks, provided of course they are used correctly. That means securing them over the mouth, chin and nose, using the bendable metal strip at the top to keep it snug against the contours of the nose. Is most advisable for the people feeling unwell to wear them to avoid the spread while going to the doctor.

I have tried to buy some face masks but unfortunately are all sold out! Hopefully in the next following days we will be able to find some just in case.

Washing my hands for me is something that I do even too often but avoiding touching my eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands is literally impossible for me.

Do you know that researchers found that people touch their faces an average of 23 times per hour?

Well I guess I’m above the average.

Just think about it: I wash my hands and I go to work. While I walk I don’t touch anything, I take the bus and the subway and is impossible to not hold on the handrail so I must touch it, but then I have an itchy nose or face or eyes and here it is, I touch my face!

Or I come back from work, I try my very best to touch as little as possible, but I need to open the door when I reach home right? I need to turn on the light also and then I wash my hands, but in the meantime I’ve touched the door, I’ve touched the light button and the soap dispenser…so unless I have a smart home that is doing everything for me, if any virus was laying on my hands for sure is in my house now.

And this is in the happiest version when someone is not coughing or sneezing in my face!

I’m afraid this Coronavirus is here to stay for a while!

There is no cure for this Coronavirus as there is no cure for the common cold so please stay safe!

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe!

For me, I guess also this weekend I will be at home and I’ll do exactly this

Photo credit: Popsicle Society, cute squirrel that allowed me to take a pretty picture in the gardens of Singapore

Love, R

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  1. Thank you for this informational post. Corona virus is spreading fast as India has also experienced few cases of it. Hope this does not stays long.

    1. We do “normal” things that we even don’t realize 🤪
      I understand Munich has 4 or 5 cases too! Still controllable at the moment! Hoping will not spread further!

  2. It will get much worse before it gets better.
    Right now this is just a baby epidemic, but with winter in the Northern hemisphere everyone here has lowered immune systems, I expect Europe and North America to suffer more yet.
    Ah well, at least England is out of Europe at 23:00 tonight.
    Be safe Sweetheart 💝

    1. I’m afraid so…we’re only at the beginning unfortunately 😢
      I hope will not spread in the winter countries where people already suffer from flu or cold as will be even worst…
      Well, England in a way or another was always pretty much out of Europe anyway 🤪
      Thank you for stopping by and wish you a great weekend!

  3. Hi Ribanna, it’s bad how this Virus spread and the speed rate is very scary. My country started to claim the medicine for this virus 🙄 They always do that,🤷 No clue what they get, but i would appreciate if they really did it. Now there is Simon Song 😁 No i haven’t taken this photograph and neither i touched that fish like that😳Ew! And did you know, India has confirmed it’s first corona virus victim, a student from China is sent back to his hometown and he is infected🙄😒 I wish it don’t spread further, does that count 😳 touching in face😯 i do that a lot🤔 i should start washing often 🤷 I fear to even go Gym 🏋️ 🧎🤸 i got all the viral infections from the gym before, it’s a local one and not that hygienic😳 Now. But fingers crossed hope things will get better ASAP. 🤗 let’s wait for the better future ✨☺️ Have a beautiful Weekend ✨😋

    1. Hi Simon, nope, I don’t think you did that picture 🤪
      Yes, unfortunately is spreading very fast! I’ve heard that India confirmed its first case these days and I hope will not spread further!
      Important is to wash our hands very often but is pretty difficult to not get in contact with others or even objects…
      Honestly I did not go to the gym either for this reason….as people are not always responsible 😢
      Stay safe Simon and have a wonderful weekend! 🤩🤩🤩

      1. Thanks Ribanna, Let’s try to avoid all the possible ways that spread this Virus. I’m sure we’ll kill this virus soon, nothing is impossible for us.😉 Have a beautiful weekend ✨

  4. There have been some confirmed cases in the UK now as well. I feel like there is always something horrible happening in the UK in recent years. Terror attacks and now this virus. I believe we need to be mindful, but we should not live in fear all the time. At the moment SARS killed more people, so I think we need to stay put for now and see how this situation develops.

    1. Oh no….even in UK? Already 4 countries in Europe….is incredible how far and how fast it reached 😢😢
      True, we should be mindful but also continue with our daily life as I’m afraid will be here for a while…
      SARS killed more people but it did not spread so fast….😢 I hope for the best!

  5. The virus is very scary! Even though we don’t have a lot of cases in the US it’s still crazy that it came here to begin with. Praying you stay safe and healthy! And have a very relaxing weekend. 😊

    1. Hi Michelle, that’s what puzzles me too….how far it travelled already! Hope the situation is still under control there! Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words! Wish you a wonderful weekend too!

  6. We have a case here in Arizona, USA, not far from where we live. The infected came back from the area where the wet market was (person is a student at one of our universities here). They are watching the people she was in contact with closely and the infected person is staying at home to recover (what our local news is reporting) I think it is a female but I don’t remember. They are not reporting a lot about it.
    My daughter and son both attend college here in Arizona. The masks are sold out here as well. My daughter went to stores that people would not think to shop for masks at and found some. Home depot has some (make sure they are the right number) and their mask are not expensive like online sites that are charging more because of the outbreak and shortage. Also home supply stores have mask, like Staples.
    Rubber gloves are still available and 99% alcohol for small misters are also still available if you split them up and buy them separately. Safety goggles are great as well and can be purchased at hardware stores too. The virus can get through not just the mouth and nose but the eyes are very vulnerable for droplets to get through. I know this sounds really gross but I have heard from a doctor that it can get through private areas. In public bathrooms always take your own toilet paper. Best advice is washing hands all the time and don’t touch your face. Stay healthy and I hope this all clears up soon.

    1. I hope they will treat the situation seriously and will take the necessary actions to avoid spreading! That’s the biggest problem, that you can get it from anything that an infected person touched! We are trying to avoid as much as we can the public spaces and go out only to go to work but the public transport are pretty crowded and is impossible to not get in touch with others….luckily so far in Singapore there was no spreading from person to person, all confirmed cases are people who traveled to Wuhan…
      So far the government is encouraging to wear masks only in case if we feel ill while going to the doctor…the situation so far is under control and we see all the efforts they do to keep it that way!
      We hope for the best! Thank you very much for sharing these useful information! Stay safe!

      1. Just be careful and keep doing what you are doing. I do hope and pray that this doesn’t get bad. Every time I hear about a death it is sad because that person even though we may not know them, they are loved by someone and they will be terribly missed. So many kind and beautiful people around the world and we are all connected because we are all human after all.

  7. The last thing I want is to get contaminated. A friend of mine who lives in the Philippines chat about it to me, and nearly refuse to leave their house. It’s a scary thing to even be unable to touch anything inside your home just because you absentmindedly do something so natural as hold a handrail 🙁
    Take care Ribby. <3 I hope no one I know gets affected, it's too horrible to imagine.

    1. That’t the scary thing for me too! It’s literally impossible to not touch anything and if you do, definitely you bring it into your home!
      So far the situation seems under control but I rather stay inside as much as I can 😢 I hope for the best!
      Stay safe dear Jess! 🤗💕 Wish you a wonderful weekend!

  8. This virus is seriously scaring me. I’m sorry you weren’t able to buy any face masks. Does Amazon ship to you? Stay safe & thank you for the tips!! <3

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