Porcini mushrooms ravioli with butter and sage sauce

Hello my dear readers,

If it’s Friday means that is time for another easy and super delicious recipe.

Well since this week we have discovered the sage, I want to re-share my recipe for Ravioli ai funghi porcini with butter and sage sauce.

PopsicleSociety-butter and sage sauce

Butter and sage is the perfect sauce that enhance all the sage’s aromas.

Have you tried it before?

It is so so easy and super delicious!

Click the link and get the recipe now.

PopsicleSociety-Ravioli ai funghi porcini_3748

PopsicleSociety-Ravioli ai funghi porcini_3752
Ravioli with butter and sage

To serve it I have used theΒ Black Disk Ceramic Tableware from my Noir Collection on Popsicle Society Shop.


Have a wonderful weekend!

All photo credit: Popsicle Society

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