Be kind!

This world needs kindness! Today and always be kind in all that you do! Be kind with yourself and be kind with all! Be honest and listen to your heart! It will take you further than you ever could have imagined. Be kind! Always!

Photo credit: Popsicle Society

45 thoughts on “Be kind!

  1. So true! ALWAYS Be kind to others and to yourself😊
    I believe KINDNESS and COMPASSION are two basic human qualities which give life a value!🌸 Also, Kindness has power to change the world. So why not make it our superpower? 😉❤
    Have a wonderful day! 😊

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      1. Yeah sadly that’s true! How can something so basic be so rare? It’s baffling sometimes! 😐
        I think all we can do is be kind ourselves and hope that people who’s life we touch realise how awesome it feels to be kind and they too become kind to others 😅🌸
        And thank you dear for your warm kind wishes!❤😊

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      2. Yes, I think it is a good way! Be kind with ourselves and be kind with the others! Hopefully they’ll notice the benefits 😊 I wish kindness could be contagious just like the smile 😊🌸🌺


    1. Thank you very much! Very true! We always try to be kind with the others but often forget about ourselves. We deserve to be kind with us too 💕🌸
      Thank you very much for stopping by and for your kind words! Have a wonderful day! 🌸🌸


  2. 😂😂😂 okay will stop playing on your blog before you kick me out 😂😂
    I wrote a post about kindness, that it will always be original and never outdated! And it’s true, we really need more kindness in this world, too much arrogance and hate!
    I loved this picture, how this flower is shining from the ground! it’s so special 😊
    Enjoy the rest of your day 🤗🤗💕

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    1. 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣 don’t worry dear, I’m used to it 😂😂
      Yes, I know, every time we write about kindness will never be outdated! And I’m keep hoping someday people will wake up and will start to be kind!
      Yes, I’m always keen to use this picture…🤪😉🌸 too beautiful 🌸😊
      Thank you always for being here and wish you a great day ahead! 🌸🤗💕

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