Are you ready for a challenge?

I know is not easy to stay positive in our busy life, too many worries, to many problems but let’s try something: when you give up and a negative thought manages to get into your mind, start thinking at three positive ones, start thinking at what makes you happy, your loved ones, your pets, your comfort zone, your habits, your favorite food…Train your mind to fight the negativity! Train yourself to flip the script. And once you manage to do it, be consistent! Your life will be better and you’ll be a happier person! 

Have a lovely weekend all! 😊💕🌷

Popsicle Society-beach Singapore East Coast Park
Photo credit: Popsicle Society-by the sea

41 thoughts on “Are you ready for a challenge?

  1. I’ve experienced flickers of the law of attraction although I haven’t read the book. I do believe that positive affirmations work. So hard to put into proactive sometimes, but I can see the benefits of being positive! Cheers 🥂

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  2. Thank you for this! I try to stay positive but sometimes when I’m alone and things are quiet some negative thoughts from my past creep in. I need to remember to block them out with positive thoughts only! 🙂

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