Let’s take their example

“Dogs, they motivate us to play, be affectionate, seek adventure and be loyal.” — Tom Hayden.

So true! Everybody who has a dog knows it. Admit it! How many times you were feeling not in the mood but your dog motivated you to play, to go out and discover? How happy he is when you get home? How much love he shows you?

Do we do the same between us? Do we show our love? 💕 💕 Let’s take their example 💕

Have a lovely day!

Popsicle Society-dog smile
Photo credit: Pexels



35 thoughts on “Let’s take their example

  1. Brilliant, popsicle. I could never be without a dog. We have had them for over 40 years. We will have been married for 50 years in September and I am sure our dogs played a big part in that! We only have one now. Calked Hope. She is beautiful. Thankyou for this lovely post popsicle x

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      1. Oh never mind Lorraine 😊 You are wonderful! 💕 I appreciate a lot your visits and comments! I’m really grateful! Can you imagine that for this reason from when I was little I wanted to change my name to a more ‘normal’ one, as nobody used to remember it ☺️ Ribana


      2. Oh dear popsicle. Sad you feel that way about your name but actually yours is not so bad . To me anyway. Maybe we should change our names lol

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  2. So true Ribana … Scrappy says she didn’t know you had a K9 companion and have you asked her/him if they wish to do a K9 Interview and spill the beans on life in Singapore?

    I think Ribana is a lovely name….Scrappy agrees 🙂

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