You must not be afraid to dare

“You must not be afraid to dare. You must overcome fear. Tame her, destroy her and mock her.” – Extract from L’ospite del villagio (The village’s guest) book by Piero Piazzolla

Don’t be afraid to dare. Conquer your fear and you’ll be grateful to yourself. 

Have a lovely week 💕

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36 thoughts on “You must not be afraid to dare

  1. Do i dare

    They always said the sky is the limit,
    But they never said how to get there.

    When the twists of life tried to keep me down,
    i ran away.
    When they came back for me,
    i took my bags and ran.
    The bags slowed me down and yet, i couldn’t leave them behind.

    During my escape i planned my journey and met more travelers.
    Their bags seemed as heavy as mine, but our grips were adamant to the load.
    Eventually i dared to fly.
    Flying was easy. My bags, lighter in the air, made me soar higher.

    Did i dare fly too high? Did i forget about the bags?
    Oh mama, no one told me to be careful of flying too high.
    Now i’m back to running,
    running for one more breath of pure air.


    Have a nice week!!!!!

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