Blogger Recognition Award

It is incredible. I have started my blog less then 2 months ago and this is my forth award.

Thank you LaRena for this nomination. Go and check her wonderful blog, her journey to create tasty food that anyone would want to eat including the ones with strict and specific diet.

Eve Estelle created this award in 2014 on her blog  “Edge of Night”. It is meant to give smaller blogs a chance at wider visibility and for more people to see them.

The rules are the following:

  • Choose 10-15 bloggers to whom you want to award the prize
  • Write a post on your blog to report the prize
  • Inform each blog of your list that you have nominated.
  • (Optional) Include an entry to the original post in Kartoffeltortilla

Note: You can reject the prize if you do not want to follow these rules. There is no obligation to accept it.

I have started my blog from the desire of sharing with the others. I must say that life is not always easy and we all need some inspiration and motivation to move on. I blog about my passions, cooking and travelling. My daily life is very busy but the blog is my happy place. My tranquility corner. I love reading and discovering new bloggers. It always gives me the impression of how small is the world.

My nominees are:

  1. jasminelizabethblog
  2. Newtan
  3. Lachlan Smith
  4. aylaboswell
  5. Georgia King
  6. Rounak Barman
  7. theunknown
  8. Shubhi Rawat
  9. UpwardJourneys
  10. Angel at Watchyourlifeinpictures

If you don’t know these blogs go check them out!

Thank you all for reading and following my blog! Happy blogging!

Blogger recognition award

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