The Blue Sky

What is that makes you feel relaxed?

For me, the blue sky is doing wonders. Then if I’m surrounded by green even better 😁

The combination blue sky and green nature is really working for me. Even if I’m tired or not in the right mood, it still works. It completely relaxes me and making me feel better instantly.

When things around us look so uncertain and messy, we can look at the sky and see something wonderful, magnificent, something that remind us that there can be a better direction in which we are going and things can turn out perfect.

Even when you’re busy, running your daily chores, take a moment to pause and stare at the wonderful blue sky, MAKES WONDERS!

According to Buddha, β€œWhen you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.”

PopsicleSociety-blue sky

Laugh at the sky (Photo credit: Pexels)