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  1. Oh Yum!!! They look healthy!!! So sorry that I haven’t been participating for a while…too long really Ribana! And you have a lot of good eats for sure! Well, I’m more conscious of good health more than ever. Thanks to the Lord and Dr. Livingood online; I went from 120lbs. to 108 in less than 90 days. I cut out almost completely “sugar” which is a big culprit for weight gain and feeling tired. Now…I eat healthy, do 10 min. a day exercises with Dr. Livingood’s Crews, drink more water and take his Colagen and supplements for my heart type….and feel great!!! He has a lot of wisdom for a young man with his wife Nurse Livingood and 3 kiddos. This is a ‘lifestyle’ and good food helps a lot. Would you believe that I couldn’t even finish a slice of Pecan Pie with real homemade whipped cream on it. I just couldn’t handle the sugar. Anyway, I will be posting more and pay attention to what my Cyber Friends are posting too!!! I want to try these by the way. They look easy to make! Till next time….ciao!

    1. Hello! I’m glad you’re feeling better! When your diet becomes your lifestyle is the best because you don’t feel the โ€œpressureโ€ of a diet ๐Ÿ˜‰ Wish you all the best and good health!

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