Hello June

Hello my dear readers,

And just like that June is here.

Hello June

June, Iunius, owes its name to the goddess Juno, wife of Jupiter, and the divinity of marriage and childbirth. Juno is represented as a serious, mature woman, well seated on her throne. She is an archetypal figure aware of her power, far from frivolity, and who does not discount anyone, just like nature.
The sixth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar, June was the month dedicated to the sun and freedom. With its 30 days, it marks the transition from spring to summer, with the summer solstice, traditionally set on 21st June.

1st June in Romania is Children’s Day, the day when all children should feel good, receive gifts, and have fun together. On this day, each of us remembers the beautiful moments of childhood, going back in time or reliving them through the eyes of any child. So, this day is a good time to forget about all the worries, to remember the “most beautiful illusion” – our childhood.

The proverb “June the sickle in hand” indicates the period that characterizes nature in this month: the grass in the fields is cut, the wheat is harvested, the fruit becomes ripe and ready to be harvested, and the flowers are an explosion of colors and perfumes.

June is a liberating month for many. The school is drawing to a close, the days are getting longer, the nature shines and offers its fruits generously: just stretch your fingers towards the branches of the trees to pick the fruits that ripen under the warm rays of the sun. The weather is festive and invites you to enjoy the evenings outdoors. The sea calls and the body responds: after a year of thoughts, work, and worries, it’s time to take a well-deserved break.
However, the credit is earned, and this is one of the most important lessons of June: the fruits ripen thanks to perseverance and commitment.

How was your May?

I know I’m repeating myself, but also this month was a busy one. I don’t complain, because was a good busy month, and besides office work, I’ve enjoyed developing delicious recipes, and I also had the pleasure to teach my first cooking class.

In my first cooking class, my “students” enjoyed learning how to make delicious pasta from scratch. We had a really great time.

One of my greatest achievements of May was the fact that I’ve finished my course, and I am officially a nutritionist.

My book for May?

Finally I was able to buy the second book from Crescent City Series of Sarah J. Maas, House of Sky and Breath. Yes, because every now and then I love enjoying a good fantasy book.

House of Sky and Breath – Sarah J. Maas

Crescent City is Sarah J. Maas’s first adult contemporary fantasy offering. In the first book from this series, House of Earth and Blood, Bryce Quinlan, a half-human, half-Fae attempts to avenge her friends’ murders and protect her vibrant city. In the second book from this series, House of Sky and Breath, Bryce seeks revenge in a contemporary fantasy world of magic, danger, and searing romance.

I must admit that Sarah’s books are full of complex world-building, smoldering romances, and propulsive, often shocking plot twists. Her books are emotional, exhilarating, and can often feel impossible to put down, even when they have around 800 pages.

For the cooking part

I share some of the recipes that I’ve enjoyed developing in May:

Pambazos Stuffed with Chorizo and Potatoes
Easy Cajun Shrimp and Rice
Easy Strawberry Crunch Cake

Wish you all a wonderful June, filled with health, happiness, love and lots of accomplishments.

Happy June!

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  1. as your season arrives with summer, mine in New Zealand has the season entering winter, a time of hunkering down and keep warm and dry as much as possible. But just like anywhere in the world the next season will arrive and I will be moving towards summer as you move into winter…

    1. Every season has its beauty 😍 Here is always summer, but honestly I miss the seasons…not the looooong months of winter but still ☺️

  2. Happy June!! Charlotte has a magnetic calendar that we sit with her every night to go over (what day it is, the weather, what activities we did that day etc…) and she’s been waiting for Jun 1 forever to be able to move the month magnet hehe πŸ™‚

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