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      1. Happy new year to you once again Dorothy, I hope you are having a wonderful new year’s experience and a good time with work friends and family

      2. Things are loosening up a bit and we’ve ventured out to restaurants and a museum or two. Concerts are not yet on my dance card, but hopefully they will be soon.
        Hope you are enjoying your time as well!

      3. Yh, I won’t say I’m Not having fun” because been alive and watching my son grow alone, is a blessing and also work is fine. Trying as much as i can to save more life’s through science each day, well Thank God for everything

      4. We’ve managed to get through. The kids missed out on a lot not being in school at all for one year, and so restricted this year, but they will bounce back, and it has been a good lesson for them in the long run. I hope.
        My husband and I both work from home anyway, so that part wasn’t different, we just did have the escape route! You?

      5. Yh, it wasn’t easy for me and my son, regarding missing out in school aspect, but I’m glad things are back to normal now’ just like you said. Work has been really stressful considering the fact that I’m a doctor.

      6. I can’t imagine Eric. My niece is a nurse, and she has held on through long, tough hours and is feeling pretty burnt out at this point. Hopefully, the numbers will continue to drop and the medical professionals will get the opportunity to take a deep breath.
        I admire all those parents who had to balance the kids, work, and every once in a while a few minutes to themselves!
        Thank you!

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