Hello September

Hello my dear readers,

Yes, another month has passed by and September is here.

Hello September

How was my August?

Well, it started with my second dose of COVID-19 vaccine that knocked me out for 1 week.

It was a very long time I did not experienced so bad flu like symptoms: fever, body aches, awful headache. For one full day and night I’ve slept, I was not able to stay up.

Maybe it was a well needed break from everything.

Then, my work from home routine almost finished and I’ve started going to the office. Luckily not everyday though, just 2-3 times per week…it’s still better than going everyday and wasting my time commuting.

After a full week without any workout because of the vaccine, my body needed a good wake-up! It is not easy to re-start working out after a break but once you do it, it makes you feel so so great! Have you experienced it? That feeling of satisfaction after a good work out? When you’re completely not able to move but your heart is smiling and satisfied?

If is difficult to workout alone, is always good to find a good buddy 😉

Luckily I was still able to enjoy some walks into the beautiful nature that surrounds us and my Instagram page nature_my_happy_place is still growing even if with little attention from my side. It makes me happy that are so many nature lovers around the world.

If you are a nature lover too and you want to see some of Singapore’s beauties without any filter, you may visit my Instagram page nature_my_happy_place

On the cooking and baking side I did not do much…actually I am cooking everyday and counting calories and it’s going quite well. I did try a few new recipes delicious, easy to make and nutritionally balanced but I did not find the time to take some photographs.

But a very interesting part is that I’ve enrolled in a course, Natural Health (Diet & Nutrition) that will help me become a nutritionist and help me better understand how our body works and the right fuel that it needs to keep us healthy.

So currently I’m studying, wish me luck 😉

If you are interested in eating healthy and having a nutritional balanced diet, I hope next month, I’ll be able to show you some of my daily delicious meals.

Overall August was not so bad but could’ve been better.

Now September is here, let’s hope will be a better one.

How was your August? For the ones that August was a vacation month, what did you do? Have you been able to travel? Have you enjoyed your vacation? Let me know, I would love to know.

My September goal?

Be happy, stay in shape, enjoy nature and do some food photography 📸

Wish you a wonderful month filled with happiness, health and lots of goal achievements, whatever your goals may be.

Popsicle Society
Popsicle Society

I love traveling, cooking and enjoying this beatiful world. 
I’m a life lover! Simple as that!

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    1. Yes, unfortunately this virus situation I’m afraid will be here to stay for a longer time! Is always better to take care and keep the safety distances! Thank you always for your kind words and support! Wish you a lovely September! Stay safe!

  1. Yes, September is finally here, how exciting is that! I’m sorry to hear you had a bad reaction to the second dose of the Covid vaccine! For me it was another way around, I suffered badly after the first one. Either way – best of luck with everything 🙂 xxx

    1. Seems that we all have different reactions to the vaccine…some have bad reactions to the first dose, some to the second and some have nothing like my parents in law and my sister…well, hopefully is all worth it for something! September is here! Let’s try to enjoy it 😉 Have a lovely and happy September Aiva!

  2. I hadn’t realised that the vaccination had hit you so hard, Ribana. Stay well, please. This post shows you are back on form – I actually like some of the Gifs – e.g. the armpit and the reading dog.

    1. Honestly I did not expect to be so bad either but seems that I needed a break and hopefully was worth it! Luckily I recover quite fast and I’m back on track 😉 I’m glad you like the gifs…the one with the armpit is sadly very true in my commute to work 🙈🙊

    1. Thank you very much Dorothy! Is really exciting learning more about our foods and what our body needs 😉 Yes, they’ve said so, the worst you feel, the better response you have! I just hope will be worth it as seems the virus will still be here for a long time!

  3. Great round up! My August flew by! My husband and I found a little hideaway in our province and went there for a lovely weekend (it was so lovely to be out of the city and enjoy each others company while discovering new experiences)! We also recently took my daughter to the zoo as a last hurrah to the summer- it was eventful, to say the least lol… September goals? Definitely to get into better shape…. *sigh!

    1. Thank you! That’s wonderful! I miss traveling so so much! The only negative side of living in a city state is that we don’t have any possibility of getting out of the city 🙈 and with the virus situation doesn’t seems that they’ll open the borders anytime soon 🙈
      Well then, while we wait, we should better take care of our body and make it happy 😉 Have a lovely September! And good luck with your goals 😉

  4. Happy September! I know what you mean about working out. It’s easier to get motivated when you have someone to workout with. And it’s so hard to get started again after going so long without it! I’m glad you’re feeling better! I love your goal for this month!

    1. Thank you very much Michelle! Yes, is difficult to start working out after a while without doing it but once you manage to start again, it is so worth it 😉 A good companion can be very helpful and motivating too 😉 Wish you a lovely and happy September!

  5. Happy September to you Ribana – looks like August was better to leave behind but at least you’ve had your covid-vax and won’t forget the after effects in a hurry. But maybe the upside was taking care of you – best of luck with your studies…I’ve had both my shots of the covid-vax which is good because NZ is in lockdown again – my region in what is now known as Level 4.5 (that 5 above anything from before) and the rest of the country dropped down to Level 3…

    1. Hi Catherine, thank you! yes, I think is good I did the vaccine, on the other side I don’t know…hopefully the “after effects” are gone and no other issues will come up.
      I’m sorry to hear you’re back in lockdown 😢 also here the cases are on the rise😕I’m afraid this nasty virus will be here for a long time…
      Please stay safe and take care! Wish you a lovely September!

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