Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet, Netflix Documentary

If you are a nature lover and like documentaries, Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet, just released on Netflix, it is a must see.

I have always thought that we, as humans, are a virus for this planet and in this new documentary on Netflix, David Attenborough, the perennial voice of the British nature doc & Johan Rockström, Swedish scientist and environmental science professor, warns of biodiversity collapse by showing viewers the devastating consequences of our continued destruction of nature.

Over a decade ago, Johan Rockström and 28 other leading scientists have devised a concept of boundaries, and came up with the concept of “tipping points”, identifying the nine planetary thresholds that all life on Earth depends on and which, if exceeded, will make life on Earth no longer sustainable.

Beyond the science, the film shows viewers dramatic visuals of real-life disasters already taken place over the past few years, from the melting of the polar ice caps, the deforestation of the Amazon, the destruction of the coral reef, the burning of the Australian rainforest, and the way that COVID took over our sick ecosystem.

“Breaking Boundaries tells the story of the most important scientific discovery of our time – that humanity has pushed Earth beyond the boundaries that have kept Earth stable for 10,000 years, since the dawn of civilisation,” states the synopsis of the film. 

Now, is it true that this crisis still can be averted? Do we still have a chance to protect our world?

YES! But we must act NOW!

And the positive side is that we can all contribute by just having a few priorities:

  • Reduce CO2. Choose renewable energy. 
  • Plant more trees. 
  • Eat heathy food.
  • Reduce waste.
How to save our planet

It is achievable.

The future is in our hands.

Act decisively. We have no time to loose. 

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44 thoughts

    1. Oh boy. Another fiction show.
      I’m guessing it is all Computer-Generated Imaging CGI.
      And if a fact doesn’t fit their narrative, they just make one up that does.

      1. I’ll be glad to be a fiction show but I’m afraid the ice melting, the deforestations, the destruction of coral reef, just to name a few, are very real and done with our hands! Nothing fake there!

      2. Ice melts because the sun shines. Reefs die just like every other creature. Forests burn when struck by lightning.
        Try reading beyond your echo chamber.
        Mother Nature will take care of herself.

      3. Very true! Mother Nature is taking care of herself but I’m afraid ice melts not only because the sun shines and reefs die and forest burn with our continues help!
        We must not hide the evidence of our damage and start be responsible!

      4. When humans can have the same effect of ONE volcanic eruption, we can talk.
        Until then preach to the Chinese Communist Party and get them to achieve US levels in less than 10 years.
        Short of living in the dark and not bathing or driving, the only way one can achieve the reductions you want is by dying. Is that his you want humans to reduce their effect n the environment? If so, please lead by example.
        That is in jest, but not far from the truth.

      5. While I appreciate your opinion I do believe that we can save this world not by dying but by being responsible! And not only you and me but the entire world!

      6. So, who EXACTLY is being irresponsible?
        California putting animals above humans?
        Florida? Alaska? Hawaii?
        China, Nigeria, Venezuela?
        Name names, not just amorphous accusations.

      7. Everyone who doesn’t care…everyone who buy more than they can eat and produces lots of food waste, everyone who throw a bottle of plastic on the streets, everyone who cuts trees without planting others, everyone who never have enough and want always more…just to name a few very simple …it’s easy to not be responsible and not care in today’s world…

      8. Names. Countries. Again, generalizations.
        I care. Define “care”.
        How much are YOU contribute by blogging? Do you really need to blog?
        I can solve the air pollution problem from vehicles in one edict:
        ALL vehicles MUST meet US (or European) emissions standards within 3 years.
        Done. If they can’t meet them, then no more building therefore fewer new vehicles.
        Oops. What about the old ones? Junk them and let all the toxins in them leak into the junk yard soil?
        People in general don’t wake up each day and ask, ” How can I destroy the earth today?”

      9. I’m talking in general because all around the world there are people that don’t care.
        In my small I contribute by trying to avoid waste, trying to support environmentally friendly products, helping communities in cleaning parks and beaches when possible, consuming less water and energy, using public transport or simply walking every time possible…
        If I really need to blog? Maybe no but it is a hobby where I express what I like and that help me enter in a community of wonderful people all around the world.
        You’re right, I don’t think people wake up each day asking how they can destroy the world, but they don’t ask either how can they save in their little and help the planet.

      10. So, “in general” is a majority, minority? Provide percentages.
        In general, 80% or so of the world are people of color. Whites are a minority and therefore oppressed in most countries.
        See, generalities are meaningless since they are not facts in perspective.
        Perspective isn’t news. Olde Wisdom from Thee Frugal Curmudgeon

      11. The real-life disasters that have already taken place over the past few years are not perspective but facts! If some refuses to see them is up to them! Everyone has the right to choose how they want to live their life!
        No matter what, I wish you a happy day in a happy world!

      12. Which disasters?
        Are you blaming humans for all of them?
        I’m seeking clarity which you don’t seem to want to provide.

      13. The drugs dilating your pupils are not providing you with clarity.
        If you can’t provide facts, names, etc. then you are writing foolishness.
        It has be interesting. Enjoy your fantasy world. I’ll pick up your slack in the real world.

        PS – You want clarity? Compare the WORST oil disasters in America with the DAILY
        ongoing destruction of the environment by the Nigerian oil industry.
        Or maybe do some research on where all the plastic pollution comes from. I believe virtually all from China and India.
        Again, go tell someone who is NOT doing anything to improve the planet to do THEIR part. Everyone in America is doing far more than their fair share. whether voluntarily or being forced by insane government policies.

      14. Hahaha…I’m sorry to disappoint you but I’m not on drugs and I’m afraid I’m not the one here that doesn’t want to see the clarity.
        I will enjoy my world and I wish you to do the same until will last!

  1. Very true! Mother Nature is taking care of herself but I’m afraid ice melts not only because the sun shines and reefs die and forest burn with our continues help! We must not hide the evidence of our damage and start be responsible!

    1. Exactly! We have a huge influence on what is happening around the world! I hope people would realize it someday and start being responsible! Thank you for stopping by and for your input!

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