Because of COVID

Hello my dear readers,

How are you? How is your week going so far?

Stay strong, it’s almost weekend

Today I just want to give you a short reminder: STAY SAFE!

Why I’m saying this?

While I have a blog and I like to consider myself a blogger, I know social media is an important factor for blogging, but I don’t know if it’s the age or what, I feel a repulsion against them. All social medias are so full of “fake” from all points of view and I really don’t want it in my life.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do scroll sometimes and I even publish every now and then and I do respect all of you genuine people that have an important presence on social media, as it’s really time consuming and is not easy at all to always be ON.

However, all this just to say that yesterday, after months, I have opened Facebook and just to see that the dad of one of my best friends from highschool passed away and guess why?

Because of COVID!

I know it’s an year now that our lives changed because of this COVID virus situation but BE VIGILANT and don’t let your guard down as IT IS NOT OVER YET.

I hear everywhere around the world the cases are surging and unfortunately the deaths too. 

You may be sick of hearing to wash your hands regularly, wear a mask and keep the safety distance but PLEASE DO IT!

It may save your life and your loved ones!

I know how we humans are…we know it exists, there is a problem out there, but if it doesn’t touch our family, our loved ones or closest friends, we don’t care too much!

But think of all the people that lost a family member or a loved one!

Being selfish and not being responsible in this case is not helpful!


Let’s play our part each one of us and keep us and our loved ones safe!

And if you think our action will not change anything, read below’s Dalai Lama’s words and think again!

” If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito”

Dalai Lama

Wash your hands regularly, wear a mask, keep the safety distance and stay safe!

Bye bye for now.

Popsicle Society
Popsicle Society

I love traveling, cooking and enjoying this beatiful world. 
I’m a life lover! Simple as that!

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  1. We are still, as a whole 5million community in New Zealand, still clear of anything creeping in – but, anyone in their right mind, know that when the August community cluster evolved, it’s easy to arrive. In my region there are still certain rules, to be followed – masks on public transport. But also across the nation use the QR covid tracker app – mine won’t work but there is still a way to record it manually and easy to do…fill in 3 boxes and click enter, quickly up comes the “green tick box”.

    And yes, everyone seemed to saying around the world, 2021 it will be done with! Except we know it’s not…

    Here, in NZ, you can only come if you have a work/sport reason or you’ve a returning NZer – and then you go straight into managed quarantine for a few weeks unless somehow you bought c/19 with you and you get to stay in the designated place until you’ve all better. I learnt about the “Russian mariners” who man most of our commercial fishing fleet – the interesting tidbits that only surface when they appear to be a group that tests most positive; I didn’t even know these type of overseas workers were even required by our trawlers!

    I did know about the PI people who are part of picking gangs that arrive each season and work in our horticultural sector, quite a few got trapped here last March but the growers all put them in respectable lodgings and looked after them well.

    1. Singapore is clear too just because very similar rules were and still apply here too! Actually I believe there is a green lane between Singapore and New Zealand because both countries have no cases.
      Masks and QR trackers are our new normal daily ritual too! But if these are the “sacrifices” that we need to make to stay safe, then I’m more than happy to do them!
      Yes, no travelling is allowed for now, but seeing the situation around the world, do I want to travel? Nope!
      People should be more responsible and do their part!
      Stay safe!

  2. Well said Ribana ✨ It’s true, social media is full of fake and repeated contents everyday. COVID does kills and we should be careful as IT is not over YET. People should feel guilty, take responsibility. COVID is not over 😐 I wish it gets over NOW! Enough losing lives.

    1. Hi Simon, I wish it could be over too but unfortunately I’m afraid will take a few years if we’re or not willing to accept it 😢
      And because people are not responsible and don’t care, more and more people are dying…I’ve heard in several countries people positives with the virus go out and act as they have nothing! That’s a murder! Even if a person is positive and don’t feel anything, if is transmitted to another person, never know how that person will react! 🤨
      Stay vigilant Simon and take care!

      1. That’s true, accept and stay vigilant. Thanks Ribana, we got no choice but to accept it 😷. Stay masked ✨

  3. I have said for years that social media is a non, meaning people can be or say whatever they want, truth or not, and never face any accountability. I post to twitter but would not say I’m active in away. I look at it as everyone is fake and know there are a few exceptions. Maybe cynical but I don’t like tis hide behind the mask factor, having a sincere friendship is hard enough as it is.

    1. Very true! It’s incredible how lots of people spend their almost entire day and night time on socials…some being fake and others envying the fakes one 🙈
      Is like the world doesn’t exist anymore! They only live in virtual!
      I’m curious if they will ever wake up and start really socializing and making real friends in the real life ☺️
      Crazy world!

      1. I’m afraid this is the world as we know it. I fear people already have difficulty having a conversation face to face. And what the hell to do without being able to do emoji’s while talking! HAHA.

      1. That’s really sad…people trying to be someone else…deep down there I don’t think they feel better about themselves….they may fake it but deep down they know the truth…and living a life being someone you’re not I guess is a nightmare…

      2. Very true! That’s a big problem “without any accountability” 🤨 And we know that some people can do really nasty things without any accountability 😔

      1. And there are so many (a minority) that appear not to want to abide the rules set in place for ones safety. We’re all in this pandemic together; and, divisions will not permit us to overcome even with the introduction of a vaccine.

  4. Yes, it is definitely real. Covid just killed a 39 year old woman where I live. That is so scary. We’re good at being hermits, but are also lucky to be able to stay home. Take care!

  5. I have been really disgusted with some of the things I’ve seen on social media, and I’ve certainly moved further and further from Facebook and Twitter. What started out as a fun way to share our stories with family and friends has turned into a war zone filled with malicious lies and attacks.
    It is truly a virus, an infection, dangerous.

    1. So very true Dorothy! At the beginning it looked really a fun way to share and connect with family and friends but now very little remained from that…as you said is full of lies and attacks and unfortunately some people believe them too…that’s the saddest part 😔

  6. Good advice about covid. Ever vigilant is the long and short of it. I deleted FB years ago. It added no value to my life, so bye, bye. Now reading about what is happening there, I am so glad that I’m not there.

  7. Our numbers in Ontario are not good .Bad in fact . So as of today we now have a total lockdown. Fortunately this time around owners of horses are allowed to go to the stables to look after and ride their horses. I was so relieved to learn this today. I wear a mask all the time at the barn and even when I ride as we are now riding in an indoor arena. My husband and I are taking all the precautions we can to be as safe as possible. You are right Covid is not over . Far from it .

    1. It’s a good thing that they allow you to go to the stables! As long as we all take all the precautions it’s ok! The problems start when people are not responsible and don’t care! Stay always safe and take cake!

  8. Yes, so many people are not taking this virus seriously, I know quite a few like this, but they just need to look at what is going on and realize these “cases” are real people and many are dying from this every day. It is very bad here and getting worse all the time all across Canada. We now have a ‘stay at home’ order here with only essential trips out allowed. Hope you have a great weekend Ribana!😀😺

    1. Very sad! That’s the thing that I can’t understand either: how come people don’t realize that this is serious and people are dying because other people don’t care 😾
      Stay safe Steve and be careful! Better stay inside and play with Muffin 😻

      1. Yes indeed, I certainly won’t be going out much for the next month. Muffin likes that idea!
        Hope you had a wonderful weekend Ribana!😀😺😻

  9. Excellent advice! My daughter works in ICU with the Covid patients, such a sad sight for her. Thank you for reminding everyone to stay safe and you as well. Take care. ❤️

  10. Well said, I totally agree with you. Makes me so mad when people do not stick to the simple rules, because they cannot be bothered. I do not understand anyone who does not want to wear a mask (apart from those who cannot due to health reasons). It is not like they are being asked to wear one 24/7 or for the rest of their life! The virus is spreading so much, in London 1 in 20 people apparently has it now.

    1. Yes, that’s very sad that people don’t want to follow simply rules that can make a difference and safe lives! I’m afraid until people will not understand this, will be very difficult to contain it! Stay safe and take care!

  11. It’s so sad! It really bothers me that there are still people walking around that don’t believe any of this is real. They have no problem not wearing a mask and aren’t interested in taking any precautions. So many lives could have been saved if we just listened early last year. I have several friends that have lost family members due to their virus. I’m hoping more people begin to see the dangers and take the necessary precautions.

    1. It’s really sad that some people don’t treat this seriously! People are dying! It’s not a joke and are not rules just imposed by governments just like that…here is not politics anymore! It’s responsibility! I wish people could be more responsible and take it seriously! We could stop the spread and people from dying! Stay safe and take care!

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