Friday Funday

Hello my dear readers,

And another week has gone, June is almost over…it’s incredible that half of 2020 flew by already!

My Mac unfortunately is still at the doctor so this is my first attempt in writing entirely a blog post from my mobile with the new editor and surprise, surprise

Reusable block isn’t yet supported on WordPress for iOS

I’m wondering why they’ve made the switch to blocks when are even not supported on all devices?

When you want to do a change, you prepare everything and then you do it, right? You don’t start with half things in place, and then you work on it on the way…especially with such a huge number of users and also payable users 😕 You need to make sure everything is working properly for all users first and then along the way you can improve the experience!

I’m sorry but is a little bit disappointing!

So now I’m wondering, who is reading my blog from their iPhone can or cannot see my entire posts? Please let me know.

Another surprise, I cannot change the resolution of my photos from my phone.

iPhone is doing wonderful photos but I always need to change resolution before I upload them on my blog, otherwise in a short time, I’ll run out of space (which already happened and is the reason I’ve upgraded to Premium plan, to have more media space).

Now, I can’t do it without my Mac, so better not upload too many pictures 🤪

And another surprise, not all blocks are available, sigh 😔 I really don’t get it! Why so much difference between using the computer and the mobile to write a blog post?

So if you want to write a blog post from your iPhone with the new WordPress editor, remember that reusable blocks are not supported, are available only a few blocks not all, and better don’t use too many photos in your post as you can’t change their resolution!


It’s not impossible to write a WordPress blog post from iPhone, it can be done, but it has some issues that I hope WordPress will look into and fix them soon!

This being said, let’s not forget today it is Friday Funday and a good laugh is the best medicine for our soul!

I have something funny for you:

People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing everyday.

A.A. Milne

An apple a day keeps anyone away, if you throw it hard enough.


No matter how hard life is, always remember to have a good laugh. I know is damn difficult to smile or laugh when life throws at us lots of problems, and for this reason I surround myself with people which can make me smile even when it seems impossible!

Do the same! Surround yourself with people that can make you smile no matter what!

Or another solution which is impossible for me right now, but I hope soon I’ll be able to do it, adopt a dog or a cat or both! They’ll always know how to make you smile, no matter what!

A dog will always know how to make you smile 😊

Don’t underestimate a cat 🐈 She can always make you smile or she can always have fun of you 😻

Wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Stay safe!

Love, R

Oh and yes, another surprise, can’t change the size of the photo!

I must admit that WordPress is full of unexpected and unpleasant surprises when you’re trying to write a blog post from iPhone.

Is it me that I don’t know how to use it or these options are really not available when writing a blog post using iPhone?

At this point I’m curious how this post would look like from a computer 👩🏼‍💻 sigh 😔

Enough for now!

Enjoy your weekend!

Bye bye!

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  1. How are you able to write a post on your phone?? I make mistakes just when commenting hahahhhhaah….I hope you laptop is back asap….I am also considering adopting another doggieee after the summer…Take care my dear friend GREAT JOB on writing the post from you phone…..Bravooo Ribanaaaa Huge hugs

    1. Hahaha…was the first one completely from my phone 🤪 I must admit it was not easy 🤪 but maybe because I don’t know where are hidden all the tricks 🤷‍♀️ 🤪
      I’m glad you’re considering adopting another soul 🐕 🐶 Charlie will have a playmate 😉 I hope that day will come also for me soon 😊
      Thank you dear Sophie! Wish you a wonderful weekend! 🤗🤗🌸🌸💕💕

  2. Please adopt a pet! They need your love, Ribana! ♥️ If you do adopt one, I highly recommend going to the animal shelter. They really need homes and there’s some incredible pets there! ♥️ I really like seeing pics of people’s pets. ♥️🐈

    P.S. I’m a little bias and suggest getting a cat. They make great apartment pets and fit well into small spaces. I have a dog too but she doesn’t live with me. She’s super friendly and loves car rides sailboat rides. She’s a pug.

    1. Thank you Hilary! I can’t wait to be able to do it! 🐶 🐱 🐕 🐈 😉 Adopting a pet I believe is a win-win situation 😉 we rescue them and they rescue us 😉💕
      Wish you a wonderful weekend! 💕🤩🤗

      1. I hope you get a cat, but I’m bias 😂They are easy to take care of and most of them are super loving. Not all cats have a great personality though, so I suggest taking your time choosing one. My childhood cat was the most snarly, grumpiest thing ever even though she was a gorgeous, Half-Persian cat.

      2. Thank you Hilary!
        I remember my cousin had a Persian cat and she had a very bad personality 🤪 I even couldn’t look at her and she was attacking me already 🤪
        I hope I’ll find one like Steve’s Muffin 😉😻

      3. Timon is a very sweet boy. Super lovely and I wouldn’t trade him for the world ♥️🐈 I’m sure Muffin almost as nice as Timon (the cat I have now) 😂🤣 Steve knows I kidd 🤗🤭

  3. Well, you made a pretty good post with your mobile. I’m suffering, my new company does not let me allow write blogs, that part is blocked 🙄. I’m glad I have android, it supports better, not better than a laptop or Mac. but it’s still better. I am still working on to get used with Blocks. it’s very uncomfortable, I can’t align it justified . Are you using app or using ur safari to login and use, for me app supports better than doing in a website. Hope WP team will clear all our issues at one snap of a finger . let’s wait and see ☺️

    1. Oh that’s sad 😔 I hope they will change their mind after they’ll know you better 😉
      Yes, I’m using the app, it is better! Still troublesome especially that I’ve found out that not blocks are available to use 😤
      Well, let’s hope they’ll fix the issues soon 😉
      Have a wonderful Sunday Simon! 🤩

      1. I think I should buy one, enough of depending company laptops. each company comes with own policies. These blocks are 🙄 blocking my thoughts 😂. Hope the will fix it. Have a wonderful Sunday you too ✨💐

      2. Yes, maybe is the best option! In this way you comply with their policy and you can write your blogs without any fear 😉
        In that case I hope they’ll fix it ASAP 🤪
        Take care Simon! 🤩🤗

  4. I rarely write using my phone, but then again I have everything I need because I’m an android user. When it come to PC I’m a bit (just tiny bit) envying your Mac because there are writing programs I can only install and use if I have Mac pc

    1. I guess is how we get used to…Let’s just say I’m not a heavy mobile user for anything 🤪 I do prefer my Mac for anything I do including blogging 🤪
      Let’s just say I’m a lazy person and not very tech so I prefer an ecosystem that can do everything for me…and iOS is the perfect solution for me 🤪

      1. Same here. I prefer my pc when writing blog post and searching the internet. I used my phone more for reading and commenting (and playing games) 😁

      2. Yes, reading and commenting from the mobile is ok but writing posts, not so easy…🤪 Luckily now I have my Mac back 😉
        Sometimes we need to relax too right? and a good game is not bad 🤪😉

  5. It’s so difficult to edit your post from your iPhone or iPad because every time you press enter a new text box appears. Really tough! Can’t even edit photos:(. WordPress needs to update it’s software for mobiles!

    1. Agree! I understand we need a change but then at least make things better instead of complicating them right? 🤪
      I hope they’ll improve the mobile experience too!

  6. You did very well writing your post Ribana, I would never try using my phone to write a post, that would be a disaster! Both dogs and cats make great pets, but cats are usually more welcome in apartments than dogs, like where I live no dogs are allowed. Muffin is a perfect loving cat, though it was hard at first because she was an abused cat. I’m so glad I was able to give her a good home. Have a great day Ribana!😃😺😻

    1. Thank you very much Steve! Luckily I have back my Mac now as it was really troublesome 🤪
      You’re right, cats are more welcome in apartments and they are more independent but still I don’t feel like letting her all day long by herself 😣
      Anyway, I’m sure the moment will come and I’ll be able to have lots of dogs and cats 🤩🤩🤩
      I’m really sorry for what Muffin needed to go through and I’m happy she met you! She really is a happy cat now with a funny human 😉😻😼

      Oh and by the way, I’ve just found out Huguette’s post and by chance your comment! Really Steve? You had the nasty virus and kept it for yourself? 😣😣 I know I could not do anything but a good word and support even from a far is still better than nothing 😣😣
      I’m glad you’re feeling better Steve! Please take care!

      1. Oops, sorry Ribana for not letting you know. Yes, I had this virus but I wanted to keep it off my blog because I have a lot of followers who just don’t understand, they think the virus is nothing more than a cold and I just had no strength to argue with people. Even my own family don’t think it’s bad. I had it for nearly 4 weeks, but was able to stay at home. I am officially over it now, but it still affects me. It really pounded my body, I still have trouble with breathing, get fevers and fight fatigue all the time. I get a good day and can walk to the river, then I get 3 days I can barely get out of bed.😕🙀 Sometimes I get 3 or 4 good days in a row. Apparently this could keep up for months.😳 The media doesn’t mention that too much for some reason. Right through my short summer! Oh well, could be worse. But please don’t mention it on my blog. Thanks. It really is a bad virus, it’s hard to believe there are still people who don’t understand that.🙄 Thank you so much Ribana! I’m sorry for not saying anything to you,😕 but I will keep you informed about my progress, which is rather slow these days. Have a wonderful day Ribana!🙂😺😻

      2. I’m really sorry and I understand you! It is your blog and you can say what you want, sorry if I sounded too rush, I’m really just worried! This virus is really nothing to play with! And I wish too people could understand and take it seriously! Is not bad? Who say that are really unconscious people!
        I’m just very sad that it happened to you! I do remember at the beginning you were saying you couldn’t find any masks! I’m not sure if are really helping in protecting but I guess is still better than nothing. I can understand the pain, the difficulty in breathing and the fatigue! And unfortunately that will not go away just like this! You carry it on for months 😣😣
        Oh Steve! Please take care, take it easy, try to rest as much as you can and don’t make any effort or too long walks! It will be ok in time, but you need to be patient and very careful! Luckily you have Muffin to keep you good company and you are surrounded by lovely critters 😻😻🤗🤗🤗

      3. Thank you so very much for your concern Ribana, you have made my day and today has been a very rough one, in more ways than one. Yes, masks can’t be found even now. I think they do help, even if it’s just a little.
        Yes, I am pushing myself too much the last couple of weeks trying to get enough pictures this summer to last through our long winter.😁📷 I probably should take a day or two off though. I do try to be careful though. I think.🙄 Another problem that comes with this is not being able to concentrate which is hurting my blogging, some days all I can do is my daily pics. I definitely need to rest more. Muffin has been a great help through all this!😸😻😄 And my little outdoor critters for sure! Thank you once again Ribana, you’re a good friend. Oh my, I better get to bed. Enjoy your day!😃🌞😻

      4. I know summer in Canada is very short and you try to take as many memories as you can to warm you during the winter time 🤩 but especially with all that you went through, you must be very patient and take care of yourself.
        I know blogging is a responsibility too for the ones that do care but this doesn’t mean we should ignore our wellbeing for it!
        As much as we like seeing your pictures, the wonderful nature and animals around you, reading your awesome P.I. stories and funny things about both of you, we will still be here and wait for you even if you decide to go a little bit slower 😉
        Sometimes even in normal conditions we need to take it easy 😉
        When you’ll read this will be morning! I hope you had a great night sleep! Take your coffee and enjoy the funny critters and take it easy! 🤩😉🤗😻😻
        For anything, I’m always glad to help with whatever I can! 🤗😉

      5. I’m moving slow today, just getting to comments, wow, that’s bad. Thank you so very much for your understanding and I think I will take some time off, I am just trying to get some things done first and schedule some blogs for while I’m off.
        Yes, taking things slower is not an easy thing for me, I have never been that way, so it’s hard to cut back. But I think it might be a good idea to try anyway. I had to go shopping this morning and it wore me out, which is why I’m late today. I still want to go for a walk, but it will be shorter today, but sometimes even a short walk can produce some great pics!🌞🚶‍♂️📷🏞
        Thank you once again Ribana, your words of encouragement are greatly appreciated. Have a great day, which I guess will be Wednesday!😀😺🌞☕☕

      6. Oh Steve please take some rest! I know is not easy but sometimes is a must!
        Short walks can produce great pictures indeed and nature can help relax a little bit too!
        By the way, you said you can’t find masks there. Please send me your address and I’ll try to send you some from here. Not sure will reach you but I try! From Singapore no issue in sending out…not sure the customs there, but better give it a try!
        You can send me your address at
        Yep, Wednesday here and I’m in the office already! Ready for a new day! ☀️
        Have a good evening Steve! 😻😻😻🤗🤗

      7. I didn’t even get out for a short walk today.😕 I got ready but then realized I wouldn’t make it so just took some pics in my landlord’s garden,🌞📷 trying to get some nice pics of bees, not an easy task!😜🐝 But I did pick some raspberry leaves and dried them for tea. Will need to get more yet though.🙂
        Thank you Ribana! I will send my address to you. It is such a beautiful warm evening. A red eyed vireo is singing so loud and nice out there. I’m hoping the thrush will join in soon, they have such a beautiful song!😀😺 At least I think so anyway.😁
        Have a great day Ribana and thanks again!😃😺😻

      8. I’m really sorry Steve! Please take a good rest, take it easy and enjoy it! It is really for your wellbeing!
        You are lucky you have the garden! Take your coffee and enjoy the birds singing and the squirrels and chipmunks chasing each others 😉🐿 😻😻😻

      9. Hi Ribana! Well, I certainly slept well last night. Yes, sometimes just sitting outside with my coffee is amazingly relaxing. And with chipmunks crawling all over me, sitting on my shoulder, hiding in my pockets, waiting for those peanuts. Have a great evening Ribana!😁🐿🐿🐿😹

      10. Hi Steve, lucky you 😉😊 what an honor to have those chipmunks all over you 😉 🐿 😉😻 They overcome they fear for peanuts 🥜😉🐿

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