Monday Motivation

Hello my dear readers,

Sometimes you win Sometimes you learn! But you never lose! Always remember!

Have a wonderful week!

And please stay at home and stay safe!

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Love, R

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35 thoughts

  1. Thanks for another great quote. It is the making of both small and great mistakes that are the great motivators and teachers. Happy Day.

  2. It’s so easy right now to focus on the things that are causing us concern, so it is a good reminder to think about those things that do make you smile in the middle of all this. Thank you, and stay safe Ribana!

    1. Very true…is always easier to concern on less pleasant things than on the things that make us happy…we should just stop for a while and be grateful and smile for the things we have 😉 Thank you dear Dorothy! Wish you a lovely day and stay safe too! 🌸🌸

    1. We should treat all happenings in our life, bad and good as experiences…experiences that teach us and keep us moving forward 😉
      Thank you for stopping by Michelle! Wish you a wonderful day! 🌸🌸

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