Monday Motivation

Hello my dear readers,

Dream big.

Start small.

Start now.

Have a wonderful week!

And please stay at home and stay safe!

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Love, R

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31 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

      1. Like I am not active at all. I haven’t checked my FB account since 2017 after my daughter was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition. I stopped checking IG after failing a class. Idk if IG contributed to my depression but it likely did. As for Pinterest, I am just not that active on there…. I will use it once or twice a year at most. 😅 I gave my passwords to a gate keeper so I don’t know them…. works like a charm!

      2. That’s great Hilary! Social media I think is a waste of time at least personal….some is using it for business and seems to have success.
        Pinterest I watch it when I need ideas 😉 Is pretty good for that 🤪
        Take good care of you and your family and your sweet little daughter 💕🌸

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