Friday Funday….I don’t think so

Hello my dear readers,

And here we are again

I wish I could be so happy but I simply can’t…I’m heartbroken at what is going on in Italy and everywhere around the world.

And not just because my family is there but just look at the video below

In the city of Bergamo, the worst-hitΒ Northern city in Italy by the coronavirus, the Italian army has started on Wednesday night, ferrying dozens of coffins to other cremation sites because local morgues can only cremate 25 people per day and they can’t cope with so many new deaths.

Just reading and writing this is making my heart sob. The morgues can’t cope with the huge number of deaths…and think that these people die all alone as family members are not allowed to be with them…I can only imagine the sorrow that hit these people and all of us around the world.

Words cannot express my pain and sadness and my heart goes to all of you around the world hit by this nasty virus.

I can’t help but wonder how long this it will take?

Yes, I know, it will end…but the consequences and the pain left behind is huge!

I wanted to be a happy day, I wanted to share updates from my small green corner but today is like this….very little words and huge sorrow.

Please stay at home and stay safe! Hospitals and doctors unfortunately reached their limit!

Please, please stay home!

Love, R


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  1. My family for the most part lives in Italy. My dad being my closest. It breaks my heart as well. All my family lives in the Hot Zone in Lombardy. I pray that they will find a cure soon. I understand your pain.

    1. I’m so sorry they are caught in this situation 😞 Please advise them to stay home and don’t go out! Hospitals are full and doctors really can do that much…😞 My family is in Veneto but still are cases nearby our home…so yes….difficult situation all around the world! Please stay safe!

      1. Thank you I talk to my 81 years old father almost daily and heard all about what is happening including burning the dead. No funerals anymore. I trust in the Lord to keep my family safe especially dad. Fortunately, I trusting the lord to keep him safe. He is not in Lombardy right now but all the rest of my family is. I I blessed

      2. My daughter and her family are in Georgia. God will keep them safe as well. I I beilive in prayers. God bless you and your family. πŸŒΊπŸ™πŸŒΊπŸ’Ÿ

  2. My daughter and I were just crying and upset talking about this same subject earlier. My husband’s family is from the Northern part of Italy. I have gone over there several times to visit his family. He has some cousins in Bologna, some in San Pietro in Casale. Another cousin is in Tuscany at in Tuscany. Then we have some family in Rome as well. We keep praying and hoping that things start turning around for everyone over there. I am still in shock at home this bug just took over the world. It didn’t have to be this way. I keep praying they find a cure. The saddest part to me is how love ones are dying alone, that one hits you right in the heart and takes your breath away. I can’t even write that part down without tears forming. Please stay safe, I hope and pray that happy days are soon to come.

    1. Is heartbreaking what is going on…seeing that army trucks carrying the deaths is incredible…is worst than a war…😒
      My family is in Veneto…all this is more than I can express in words…I hope your family members are all ok and please remind them to stay home! Hospitals are full and nothing they can do anymore…😒
      Please stay safe too and I hope happy days will come soon πŸ’•

      1. Thank you, I hope the same for your family too. I have been praying a lot as well. Yesterday my daughter got a text from one of the cousins in Bologna and she was very upset because her mother is now running a fever and having some difficulty breathing. They were told to stay home because it could just be the regular Flu which they were told was going around, they were not tested. The cousin called her boss to say there is sickness in her home and the boss still told her she had to come into work but the cousin said she couldn’t because she can’t be around anyone for 14 days now.
        My daughter told her to find some sunlight but they only have a small balcony in their apartment that faces the north side. My husband said “Find the roof and get up there” so I don’t even know if that is possible. The cousin said that she is only allowed to go out twice a day to walk the dog and to apparently go to work because they are all in lock down. Some family lives in the red zone areas and she is one of them. We just got this news Saturday about the fever.
        Since she has to heal at home we figure at least she could rest and breath in the sun somewhere.

      2. Oh I’m so sorry… 😐 I hope is only the normal flu…yes, they say sun is beneficial!
        Yes, in the lock down zones they can only go to work and just the necessary…there isn’t any other way to stop spreading this nasty virus except staying at home as much as they can…
        Unfortunately also my sister is in quarantine as seems a teacher from my nephew’s school is positive so all the kids and parents need to stay at home…they were not tested either because they don’t have any symptoms but for precaution they were said to stay home….this is what we all can do to facilitate healthcare people, stay at home as much as we can…
        Here, Singapore is not in lock down, I’m still going to work everyday but seems the situation is under control for now…
        I’m afraid we still need to reach the peak 😒😒
        Please stay safe!

  3. My thoughts are with you and all the readers. We can get through this together if we take care of ourselves so as to reduce the burden on the healthcare system and the more vulnerable.

  4. Heartbreaking news to hear from your side and this disease is spreading all around the world !! We have to and hope scientists will discover medication for this !! Stay blessed and healthy friend !!! πŸ’™πŸŒΈπŸ€—

  5. It is a terrible thing that is happening and people over here still do not heed the warnings to stay home. Seems people don’t think it can get that bad here. So sad. I’m staying home and only go out when I need food. I wish people would listen before it gets bad like it is in Italy.😞😿

    1. I wish people would listen too 😒 but also here, they go out and about like nothing can touch them….πŸ˜–πŸ˜– Stay safe Steve and Muffin! 😻

      1. People just don’t care it seems. It’s terrible. I was grocery shopping this morning because the stores finally got my gluten free food in stock. NO one was following the rules for keeping distance. Even the aisles now are just one way walking, but people refused to follow that. People were coughing without covering their mouth. Just amazing.😳😬

      2. Is amazing indeed…to all this people that don’t follow the rules, if they get sick, I’ll just make them pay for the treatment….they don’t care of themselves and they don’t care of the others either….just sick people πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ˜’

      3. That’s exactly right, people just don’t care. I agree, those people should have to pay for treatment. I hope you are enjoying your weekend Ribana!

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