Today’s Inspiring Words

Hello my dear readers,

If you don’t fight for what you want, then you can’t cry for what you lost, instead get on your feet and start fighting for it.

Have a wonderful day!

Image credit: Canva, edited by Popsicle Society

27 thoughts on “Today’s Inspiring Words

  1. Wonderful quote, Isnt it a part of life that people often forget, during ancient time people fought for life, fought for everyday living just like animals and now we became the smartest being on planet and forgot the basics. Fight. Lets do remind themβœ¨πŸ‘

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    1. Very true Dorothy! I completely agree! People most of the time give up or even don’t start if they think is too difficult…sad, because as you said the things for which we fight the hardest, are the most rewarding, no matter if small or big…

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      1. I’ve noticed that a lot of it has to do with patience. As a whole, and certainly not just young people, we are forgetting the art of being patient, working for and waiting for an outcome or result. We want everything done immediately, instant gratification. It’s odd but it seems like fighting forward and chilling out are closely connected in some odd way. I’m not quite sure where this thought is going, but it will be bopping around in my head today.

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