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Hello my dear readers,

Our daily life is quite busy and stressful. Some are morning people, some are night owls but let’s say that each of us have a period of the day that we feel our batteries charged at 100%.

How do we use this energy?

I think most of our energy goes to work, family and running the daily errands. But a part of it goes also in our worries and that part is wasted energy.

Remember always that when you’re worried, nothing changes, nothing you can do, don’t use your energy to worry, instead you may use your energy to believe.

Believe in yourself!

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  1. Night owl right here. 💁‍♀️ This schedule really needs to change in January, since my current habits are not sustainable. When I start something, it’s incredibly hard for me to quit.

    It’s only as busy and stressful as we allow our lives to be. That’s how I try to view life. If someone were to look at my life, they would probably think it’s quite boring. It took me years to accept that I don’t fit in and that’s OK. Most my age, who I personally know, aren’t working on personal growth and development. That in itself takes a lot of mental energy, discipline, and to an extent, willpower.

    It’s when we convince ourselves that we have something to prove to everyone around us that we become anxious, stressed, and exhausted. Save your energy for what matters most to you. Scrap anything that drains you of energy or isn’t bringing you fulfillment. 🌹🥀

    1. I couldn’t have said it better Hilary! Save your energy for what matters most to you! You are important! Your life is important! No need to prove anything to anyone!
      Thank you Hilary! 🤗🤗💕💕

  2. Powerful words, Dont worry and save your energy ✨✍️ Well said Ribana. As you rightly said it doesnt do any good worrying, it is just a waste of time and energy. We could a lot good things at that time😉 Have a beautiful day 🤗✨

  3. Hi Rabina,
    A difficult one at times especially related to worries about sickness with family & friends.
    I am a morning person and try to do important things then.
    Thanks for visiting my blog recently 🙂

    1. Hi Margaret, most of the time we tend to worry a lot but also most of the time has no results…better try to use our energy in a positive way!
      I am a morning person too 🙂
      Thank you very much for stopping by and have a great week!

      1. You too Rabina. True words but hard especially regarding end of life cancer with two cousins in Ireland (across the sea so harder) . Ex colleague in local hospice although hard is easier to practically deal with.

      2. I’m sorry 😐 Life sometimes is much harder but important is to never give up! Always try to do our best and be positive and supportive with the people that needs us!

  4. You are so right, worry is a waste of time and energy. I prefer to think about things that are positive, beautiful, the day at hand. Otherwise I would be a wreck by now, just with my present injury. Sorry I’m late again. Great post Ribana! Hope your week is a good one!😁😸

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