Today’s Inspiring Words

Hello my dear readers,

Oh yes, nothing is easy and if you want to accomplish something it will definitely going to be hard, but remember that hard does not mean impossible.

Hard means hard work, risks maybe sacrifice but not impossible! Always remember! Hard work will get you near to your dreams! Always! Never stop dreaming!

12th November is a special day for me, it is my birthday! Several years have passed and I’m really proud of what I am today because I have never stopped dreaming and I always believed in myself! Hard work is part of my daily routine, is not easy but the journey is beautiful! Especially when you share it with your half! πŸ’•

Image credit: Canva, edited by Popsicle Society


53 thoughts on “Today’s Inspiring Words

  1. Happy belated birthday! May several more years pass, and the beautiful journey; leads your heart to even more dreams!

    A popsicle society, teaching hearts how to lick your wounds. Teaching that even when the world seems cold, hearts can still melt… not just have a meltdown. If you don’t just look at what you have, but how to share… from the heart!

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