3.2.1. Quote Me – Gratitude

Hello my dear readers,

I have been tagged by Rory for 3.2.1. Quote Me with the topic gratitude.

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Thank you very much Rory! I’m really grateful to know you and be part of this wonderful community!

My quotes:

Gratitude Quotes_Popsicle Society

321 Quote Me_Gratitude_Popsicle Society

No matter how busy your day is, always remember to stop for a while and be grateful for what you have!

I would like to tag Jess, Suni and Megala.

Ladies, I’m really grateful to know you, even if only “virtual” 😉

Thank you all and have a great Sunday! 🤗💕🌸

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  1. “Gratitude turns what we have into enough” speaks volumes. It probably explains why I am content with living simply and learning towards a minimalistic life. The older I get, the less materialistic things I want. 🧘‍♀️🌱

    1. Same happens with me Hilary 😉💕 And when you start living like this, you realise what a great way of living it is 😉💕 We feel more happy and more accomplished 😉🌸💕

      1. Since living like this, I’ve lost joy in buying novelty junk items I once considered “collectibles.” Most of my stuff is still at my parents’ house, but once day when I’m able to get the rest of my stuff, I plan on selling it all. I became an essentialist/leaning towards minimalism, or a boring adult. 😂

      2. Oh you are not a boring adult at all 🙂 just that priorities have changed 😉
        I guess at every age we find joy in different things, and that’s what keeps our life exciting 🙂
        Great idea in selling them 😉

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