There are no losers here

Ok, so you think you’ve lost. Let me remember you that you never lose, you either win or you learn. There are no losers here. Get up! You’ve learn something new today and your bag full of experiences has grown too. Keep moving!

Have a wonderful week all!

Photo credit: Popsicle Society – green

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  1. Amen to that! 😊😊 we lose the day we stop and surrender, otherwise it’s all great experience! Thank you for the great reminder 😀
    My mother has lot of this plant 😊I don’t know its name but it’s beautiful <3
    Hope you're enjoying your evening by now 🤗💕💕

    1. True! From every experience we have something to learn ❤
      I’m not sure how is called, I have found several names but I think is most similar to Chinese Evergreen…The reservoirs here in Singapore are full of them 🙂 It had only a few leaves when I brought her home and it grew up so fast 🙂
      Last evening was busy with house cleaning works 🙂
      Tuesday already 🙂 Have an awesome day 🙂 🤗💕💕

      1. I’m sure here it has another name 🙂 but nice name though 😀
        You reminded me that I should clean my house :/ The woman that used to help me traveled so I need to do it all alone I guess or find someone else hahah
        Tuesday already and it will be over for you in few hours 😀 Amazing! Enjoy your day 🤗💕💕

      2. Yes, for sure is called differently 🙂
        Oh, I wish I could have someone to help me too :)…luckily is small and my husband is helping 🙂
        Tuesday almost done 🙂 Have a wonderful afternoon my dear 🤗💕💕

      3. Here helpers are so common, so why not 😊 lucky your husband helps, men that work in house are rare 😊
        Enjoy the afternoon still noon here 🤗💕💕

      4. Also in Singapore are very common and I wish I could have one but our apartment is small and don’t have enough space also for her so we need to do it ourselves 🙂 Tuesday gone :)🤗💕💕

  2. LOVE IT! Amen! You either win or learn…there is no loser here. Very good way to look at a “bad day”. Thank you for the inspiring post 🙂

    1. Very true! I’m glad you like it! We never have to feel defeated! From all experiences, good or bad, we have something to learn 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by! Wish you a lovely day!

  3. Lovely reminder dear!😊
    And that’s so true about every decision and every step we take. We should just be strong and hopeful in everything we do and forget about failures. Because like you said, “you either win or learn” 😁
    Have a great day!🌸😊

    1. Thank you! Exactly! There are no failures, only experiences, good or bad! And from each one we have something to learn 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by! Wish you a lovely day 🙂

  4. Hey Ribanna ! Wonderful Topic 😃 Let me share this. “loser” is just a word to remark the defeat. Nobody is lost, It’s a lesson. In a battle two person fights. one win one gets defeated and the defeated one learns what winner did and he finds a different way to beat the winner. its a process of learning and learning, Think a million time loser can write a book how not to lose. Everyones a winner, its all in how you look at it 😃✍️✨ Have a great week🤗

    1. Hi Simon, true! Nobody is a loser! Some are more experienced and some are not, but are all experiences, good or bad. And each experience is a learning lesson for us that will help us grow! Thank you very much for your kind words! Wish you a lovely day!

      1. Thank you. I’m about to sleep so I’ll use your wish tomorrow 😂 I wish you a wonderful day too <3

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