“Borrow the Lyric” Challenge

Huguette from My Emotional Fingerprint has a very good impression about my ability to write so she thought very well to test me and nominate me for the “Borrow the Lyric” challenge. Oh you really did not understood anything dear Huguette…I’m a mess in writing 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

However, I do appreciate that you have a so good opinion about my skills 😊

Is this challenge known to you? Well, for me is the first time I see it so let’s see what I need to do:

Rules (as copied from the creator):

  1. You need to choose a verse from a song and use it in an original poem or story.
  2. You must include the name of the song and the singer at the end or beginning.
  3. You need to challenge someone else and invent ONE rule they need to follow.
  4. You must credit the person who started this challenge (a.k.a. PJ) and the person who challenged you.
  5. You must include the rules of this challenge.

Huguette’s extra rule is to use a cartoon song!

Oh my, the fist cartoon that came to my mind was Heidi, Girl of the Alps, which is a Japanese anime series by Zuiyo Eizo. When I used to watch it, I have always seen it in Italian language and I never thought can be a Japanese anime series…oh well, I think I knew very little about Japanese anime at that time…

However, I’ve started to see it from when I was a little girl and last time was only 7 years ago. I had a period when I was at home and usually in the morning I always enjoyed the breakfast at home with my husband. Preparing the breakfast I used to turn on the TV and they used to do Heidi…oh how much I enjoyed that mornings…

Heidi is a young orphan girl who is taken to live with her grand-father, a silent and solitary old man living in the Swiss Alps.

I always found myself in this cartoon as I grew up with my grandparents in the mountains, I always was and I am a free spirit.

The original music in Japanese version is by Takeo Watanabe and the vocalist is Kumiko Oosugi and in Italian language is by Elisabetta Viviani.

This is the Italian version of the cartoon that I used to watch:

I have tried to find the lyrics in English and the below was the best I could find:

Heidi, Heidi, your nest is on the mountains 

Heidi, Heidi, you were sad over there downtown 

Wow, here’s a fantastic world 

Heidi, Heidi, as white as you

Heidi, Heidi, tender, small, with such a great heart

The friends of the mountain, 

Moo Moo, Chip Chip, Bah Bah 

they’re telling you “don’t leave”, 

They explain to you why

You’d be a little fish 

that leaves the water 

a bird in a cage 

that will die of boredom

Heidi, Heidi, the mountains smile at you 

Heidi, Heidi, the little goats say hello to you 

White Snow, looks like cloud milk 

Heidi, Heidi, everything belongs to you

My part:

She was a little girl when her parents took her to live with her grandparents into the mountains. They did not have any other choice, forced to work from early morning to very late evening, sometimes also during the night to pay their bills, and with no time for their tender and small daughter. She was a lonely and sad child, very quiet and with no friends.  

She was used to the city with tall buildings, only steel and concrete, that always made her feel uneasy, like a bird into a cage, and she was very surprised when she saw her grandparents’s house surrounded by wonderful nature. At the back of the house she could see the beautiful mountains with their white peaks, all around the house luxurious greenery, wild flowers, she could hear the birds singing and the little goats playing and she thought is a dream, a completely different world, a fantastic world. 

Day by day, with the help of her grandparents and surrounded by nature, she started to change. She enjoyed the long walks into the nature, listening to the birds singing, watching the animals play, all made her happy, she knew she found her nest into the mountains. 

And now my nominees:

I will also keep the extra rule, so go with a cartoon song 😊😉

Enjoy it!

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  1. Oh I understand very well and you’re good but you need a little push 😁😁😁 I loved Heidi sooooo much! I used to dream I’m living like her! We have dubbed version in Arabic and also non cartoon version! I used to wait eagerly to watch it 😊
    You did great with this lovely story which I believe it’s similar to your story 😊 and loved how you ended it “she knew she found her nest into the mountains. ”
    See wasn’t that hard and the original song is so nice as well! 😊 can’t remember the Arabic one hahaaa You really brought as well childhood memories, I totally forget about Heidi when asked about my favorite cartoon!
    Good job and just know that I have sharp judgment and you’re not a mess in writing!
    have a great evening 😊😊 🤗💕

    1. I’m glad you used to watch Heidi too, I thought nobody would know Heidi but it was the first that came to my mind 🤪😁 I so loved that little and funny girl 🤗
      Yes, similar to my story and I’m very glad, growing up with my grandparents it made me who I am today 😊
      Thank you always for your kind words of encouragement and support….you don’t know how long it took me to do this challenge 🤦‍♀️🤪
      Have a lovely day my dear Huguette 🤗🌸💕

      1. hahhaah it was worth your time 😀 You did great! Yes I remember you spoke about the time with you grandparents and I’m sure it was a great period 😊
        Enjoy the weekend and relax and have fun and everything hahah 🤗😊😊💕💕

      2. Thank you always for your kind words and support my dear 🤗🤗🤗💕💕💕🌸🌸🌸
        Have a fun weekend too 🤗🤗🤗🥳🥳🥳🌸🌸🌸

  2. Good choice :3 I feel like I’ve seen Heidi before somewhere…
    Anyways no it’s a new challenge, one that PJ has created 😊 creative choice!

  3. Heidi is one of my childhood favorite, along with Princess Sarah and Cedie The Little Prince, and other 80 anime like… haha 😀 nevermind I’m starting to walk the memory lane here.
    Love your short story too.

    1. Thank you Jessica for your kind words 😊 When it came to my mind Heidi, I thought that nobody will know her 🤪 but I was so wrong 🙈 I’m glad we share wonderful childhood memories 😉🌸💕

      1. Hahaha 😀 I was equally surprise to read your post. I thought no one remember or know about the anime here in blogosphere, I too am glad to not be the only one.

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