I believe everybody knows what focaccia is right? It is that delicious flat oven-baked Italian bread, similar in style and texture to pizza dough that can be served as a snack, antipasto, appetizer or also as a bread, or simple at the end of the working day with your colleagues and friends enjoying an aperitif.


  • 250 g white bread flour
  • 1 tsp flake salt
  • 1 sachet dried yeast
  • 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 200 ml cold water
  • extra virgin olive oil, for drizzling
  • fine salt

How to do it:

Blend the yeast into the water and add the olive oil. Place the flour and fine salt into a large bowl. Mix the dry and wet ingredients together and with your hand or a wooden spoon stir to form a dough then knead the dough in the bowl for five minutes. Tip the dough onto an work surface and continue kneading for five more minutes.

Line the baking sheet with baking paper and flatten the dough onto the baking sheet, pushing to the corners, then leave to rise for at least 5 hours. I put it to rise inside the oven, but with the oven turned off of course. Usually I do it after lunch and then for dinner my focaccia is ready to be cooked.

Before cooking it, use your fingers to poke deep dents all over the surface of the dough, which creates little pockets for the olive oil to pool, and also prevents your dough from rising too high while baking, drizzle the dough with extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle with flake salt, rosemary leaves and olives if you wish or dried tomatoes, then bake in the oven for 20 minutes at 250 degrees or until the dough is slightly golden.


Popsicle Society_Focaccia_3020
Photo credit: Popsicle Society-Focaccia
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Photo credit: Popsicle Society-Focaccia

When cooked, drizzle with a little more extra virgin olive oil and serve hot or warm.

It is crispy on the outside and fragrant inside and it is very light, you see all the bubbles from the dough 🙂

Popsicle Society_Focaccia_3022
Photo credit: Popsicle Society-Focaccia
Popsicle Society_Focaccia_3023
Photo credit: Popsicle Society-Focaccia
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Photo credit: Popsicle Society-Focaccia

We served it with cold cuts, cheese, pickles and a good red wine of course.

Popsicle Society_Focaccia_3028
Photo credit: Popsicle Society-Focaccia
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Photo credit: Popsicle Society-Focaccia
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Photo credit: Popsicle Society-Focaccia



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      1. I made some a long time ago and it was ok. It was before the internet so my recipe collection was limited. I have tons now, but now I’m disabled and can’t cook like I did before. :/ I’m saving your recipe for one of those days when I decide to cook!

  1. I like focaccia. I wouldn’t make it all from scratch tho but I do occasionally buy it in the supermarket 😉

  2. Well I didn’t know it’s the name 😁 it’s very delicious along with wine and red cuts and pickles 😋 yummy!! Great table 😌 Cheers 🥂

  3. Looks yuummmmmmmy but I haven’t tasted it yet,I am sure I shall be able to taste it when I shall meet you, I mean If… thanks for sharing it.

    1. Thank you very much Mel 😋😉 Sometimes, I think the screen doesn’t make it justice 😊🤪 It is really really delicious 😋Great with everything 😛😋😉

      1. Sometimes I read posts late at night and when I see enticing food on my screen, my saliva suddenly floats my mouth 😀

  4. This is one of the first times I’ve read a recipe on line where I not only exclaimed “YUMMY”, but one in which I already have all the ingredients. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This and cold cuts and pickles, etc. will be on my brunch table tomorrow.

  5. Your ingredients are very similar to my pizza dough that I use for homemade pizza 🍕 There’s so many things you can do with this dough. So far I’ve made several homemade pizzas and one batch of crackers seasoned with sesame and parmesan because I was bored one day and felt ambitious lol. Your recipe looks so yummy and I absolutely love your pictures! ♥️

    One thing I learned is that I’m terrible at taking pictures during the process of cooking. You’ve truly got a gift for cooking and baking 😋🌸

    1. Thank you very much Hilary for your kind words! 🤗 Yes, the dough is very similar to pizza dough, only that this has oil in it 😉 I do homemade pizza too, usually Sunday evening is homemade pizza time 😛😋 it’s so fun to make it 😉
      I’m sure the crackers were good too 😉
      I’m trying my best to take pictures while cooking even if sometimes I think a picture doesn’t do justice to the plate 🤪 I would love to be able to share the yumminess of the food 😛🤪

      1. I add olive oil to my pizza dough and also add corn meal to the bottom of of the dough to prevent it from sticking. We have a pizza stone just for pizza because I make so much pizza 🍕😋 That’s awesome that you also make homemade pizza too! Your pictures make my mouth water 🥖🍞🍕♥️

      2. I’m glad you like them 😋😊 Usually I use to do it in the normal oven tray and recently I’ve bought the pizza stone too 🤪😋 I like it too much 😉😋 you are an expert of the pizza 🍕 well done 😉😊 Thank you Hilary for your kind words! I’m very grateful 💕🤗🌸

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