Imagination Plantation

I have been tagged by Rory of A Guy Called Bloke to take part in Nova of My Namaste 365 Online’s Imagination Plantation prompt

Imagination Plantation Guidelines

  • Write me a short paragraph about what’s happening in this image.
  • Create a pingback to this image.
  • Tag three bloggers.

Reuse this same image 😉 Let’s see how many stories can come from the same one.


She was waiting in the queue for her bottle of milk with her mind traveling away, remembering her recurring dream. She was sick of rationed food, hot water, electricity,  she had enough of these restricted laws and austerity program. Lately she started having this dream where everyone was happy, enjoying their life, doing what they pleased, eating, singing, kayaking, having fun. No restrictions, no austerity, people were free! It was a democratic world! Freedom! 

And then everything became too overflowing, people did not know how to use all this freedom, they’ve started to complain, they went out into the streets, nothing could please them anymore…the system started to fail…was this what she was dreaming of? Was this what she was wishing for? She was not sure anymore…

I tag the following bloggers to participate:

Huguette of My Emotional Fingerprint

Simon from Pen On Website

Margaret from Impossible Becomes Possible

P.S. I’m not exactly sure how do I create a pingback to the image 🤔





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  1. Wow Ribana, very nicely done, Dystopian vs. utopian, or is it the other way around, or maybe just a dream of a nightmare? 🙂

    Well done, great use of the image 🙂

    1. I’m not sure 🤔 Maybe I read or watch too much science fiction and fantasy nowadays 😝 Is the first time that I do this and it just came to my mind looking at the image 🤔😊

  2. Copy the title of the original link, and on your own post… There will be a sideways looking paperclip. Click on that, and the link should appear in those spots. The click on open in other screens (Or something like that.) LOL
    Loved you piece!! Wonderfully penned!

      1. You know who could probably explain this better to you… Either Cryanny’s Cove, Rory, Kristian, Sadje, Fandango.
        I have just recently learned how, so maybe my description isn’t the best. Sorry about that.

  3. Hope this helps: 1. copy the link from the target source. 2. select the image on your post. 3. you will see ‘write caption’ beneath. 4. select it to display a pop-up. 5. Append a label and click the ‘clip’ image that reflects ‘link’. 6. Paste what you copied in step 1. That should do it.

    I enjoyed the write up, especially the jolting recall from the dream back to reality. Delightful post, Ribana.

    1. Thank you very much for the step by step guide! Really appreciated as I’m a big mess with the pingbacks 🤪
      Thank you for reading and for your kind words! 😊

  4. This is some poignant story! You really described a sad reality and I do believe that without rules people will ruin this world more and more actually 🙄
    You’re very good at this by the way 👌👌
    Thank you for the kind nomination and hope I will be able to imagine a good story to tell 😊
    Enjoy your Thursday 🤗🤗💕💕

    1. Unfortunately yes 🥺 I think people are not made to live without rules 😟 Of course no need of austerity but some guide lines to be followed, rules that we need to impose ourselves for ourselves, otherwise look how slowly we destroy this beautiful world!
      Thank you very much 🤗🤗🤗 is the first time that I do this as my expression is very bad…I’m sad sometimes that I cannot put in words what I have in my mind 🤪😝
      You don’t have these issues so will be a piece of cake for you 😉🤪
      Have a wonderful day (starting in a few hours 😝) 🤗🤗🤗🌸🌸🌸

      1. hahahah but you did great! You expressed this perfectly 😊😊 Yes Now I can invent a book from this picture but the story needs to be short hahha
        I believe only few will expose their own rules and live without chaos, the rest will fuck up this world and anyway like they didn’t already do!
        Have a wonderful day / afternoon now and gladly only one day left 🤗🤗🌸🌸

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