An animal’s eyes

“An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.” – Martin Buber

So true! They speak with their eyes and they’ve teach us to understand their language 😊Such wonderful creatures 🐶💕 They brighten our day every day! 🐶💕

Animals eyes-Popsicle Society
Photo credit: Pixabay


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      1. Hi I am ok. Thanks you for asking…I just got back on Saturday night so trying to get back into the routine. 🙂 How are you doing?

      2. Great! Everything fine, thank you…I was traveling for a short period and now I’m back too to my routine 😉🌷🌸 Wish you a lovely day Sophie! 🌷🌸

  1. here when we want to give a compliment to someone, we say their eyes are beautiful like a Gazelle eyes😊 I mean look at these eyes 💗
    Have a great day ahead 💗😊

      1. I don’t know if I have the wrong end of the stick Rory??

        You mentioned the bulge on the side of my head? Four years is a long time to get used to something.

      2. Sorry, l am talking about the doe’s eyes they ‘bulge’ at the side of its head. You said you would like eyes like the doe, l said what as in bulging at the side of your head.

      3. AAh l see what you mean, misinterpretation, no sorry Mel, l was referring to the doe’s eyes that are at the side of its head in comparison to forward viewing 🙂

      4. I thought it was odd Rory…I have not posted any photos of my face.

        I received some severe head injuries when I was attacked and I m a little self conscious of that the right side of my head 🙂

      5. Oh please don’t feel terrible. This is just something I have had to get on with and not let it hold me back. I was just baffled at you mentioning it – but I can see from your comments that you were not referring to my head at all.

        Bless you Rory…it’s nothing to worry about…the appearance of my head has improved. I do style my hair carefully, and I absolutely love hats.

        I did not feel insulted…I was just taken aback, simply because I misunderstood that you were talking about the photo Ribana published. I did not make the connection because I just saw your comment about a bulge in my head in my notifications and I was surprised by it.

        Your still my favourite 🙂 I still have a blog crush on you!! <3 Don't tell anyone 🙂

      6. Thanks Mel. I was as surprised as you were initiailly, and l thought you were joking with me and then l sort of went ‘OMG!!’ and fell over my own feet trying to get it across to you in case you were really hurt and l had upset you. I can say some things at times that are completely wrong, but l would never go out of my way to insult on that personal level. But thankfully you saw it for what it was and l am glad you are not upset 🙂

        Ps – did you get the coffee pen aok? I was confused if it was just the coffee you wanted or the full set, l know you had two Vannys anyway, so if it is the others let me know 🙂

      7. Hey Rory … as I said no worries, as soon as I realized you were talking about Ribana’s post it all made perfect sense. Before then it seemed random, but I did not feel insulted. I am very practical about my head situation.

        Yes I picked up my post tonight. I am very pleased. It was just a coffee one. I love it. I am a funny one when it comes to scents and flavours. I love eating real fruit, but I have never been keen on fruity scents or flavourings.

        Vanilla, coffee, choco, caramel flavours and scents I love…but nothing fruity. It’s odd since I love eating fresh fruit. But I think I have always been that way.

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