Baked Fish

When you don’t have too much time for dinner, fish fillet is the solution.

Fish always takes less time to cook and is delicious. I use to buy perch white fish fillet as is flaky and very easy to cook. To cook it I use the baking paper. In a ceramic baking dish, I put the baking paper, I put the fish fillets and I add diced carrots and celery, capers and olives, other times only add capers and olives and grain mustard, sometimes I add tomatoes sauce, depending on my mood πŸ˜‰Β butΒ it is so versatile. A little bit of salt, pepper and extravirgin olive oil. I cover it with another sheet of baking paper, I seal it well and into the microwaves goes 😊

7 minutes and my dinner is ready.

PopsicleSociety-baked fish_2655
Photos credit: Popsicle Society-Baked Fish




37 thoughts on “Baked Fish

  1. Beautiful Ribana. It’s so sad because we can’t get fresh fish any more. We used to be able to, but nowadats it is all supermarket fish, and they tell us it is not very fresh. I imagine you can get really fresh fish wgere you are?

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    1. Yes, Singapore has plenty of fresh fish but can try also the frozen one as sometimes is more fresher than the supermarket fish. When they catch the fish, they immediately prepare it and frozen it on the boat so more fresh than this…😊

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      1. Yes I heard that frozen fish is the freshest. We don’t seem to get a variety of frozen fish here though. Just cod, haddock, salmon, and I LOVE trout, but I don’t think we can get frozen trout. Oh and kippers and smoked mackerel.

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  2. That fish dish looks amazing. You really can add anything to it. I also like having fish for dinner, usually white fish fillets or a piece of salmon. Sometimes I am very simple, just adding some pepper, rosemary and lemon and then either a quick fry or a quick bake. Also washing up is quick πŸ™‚

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