No Words Wednesday – Challenge #8

Here I am again.

MesMots challenged us again and this time is to post a picture of a BIRD! (preferably unedited) and original in nature without any caption/words/poem and let the picture speaks on its own and so readers can imagine their own interesting story of that picture.

And also this time was damned difficult to choose only one  😊

Photo credit: Popsicle Society-colourful macaws 

23 thoughts

  1. Wow..So sweet and cute.. Beautifully captured..I love birds but some people keep them in cage.. That’s sad . 😟
    Well, amazing capture..I loved it!! 😊👌👏👏

    1. Thank you 😊 Yes, like they were just there for us to take pictures 😊 Very cute 😊 Yes, very sad keeping them in cages, I don’t agree too…🥺 They have the wings they need to be free 💕

    1. Ready to be loved and spoiled 💕 I couldn’t believe I was able to take a so beautiful picture 😊 Like they were there loving each other and ready for the photo shoot 😊

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