I’m running out of space

Hi everyone,

I have started my blog only 3 months ago and I have already used more than half of my media space for photos. I have a premium plan and I have 13 GB available only.

I’m already reducing the number of pictures in my posts just to save some space.

Any advices?

Thank you for your help!

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      1. I use actions on Photoshop Elements, and I just hit a button and it reduces the size, but it doesn’t affect the quality of the photo online. If you’ve seen my blog, I do it to all of my photos, and also use those photos on Instagram. Trust me, you’ll still love them! If you do something similar, and they obviously become pixelated, then definitely don’t use them that way.

    1. Basic plan is free but you have limited space, premium and business plans are at a cost but also premium has limited space. Business plan I believe has unlimited storage space.

  1. I had the free plan. It took 5 years for me to run out of media space so I upgrade to a personal plan for more. I’m more selective now of photos I use. I don’t do travel blogs so I don’t use a lot of photos that way and I can use media that I already have over if it fits my words. Also I use YouTube. I don’t think that counts as your media data. So you could make a video of travel photos, upload onto YouTube and use. Not absolutely sure though.


  2. I reduce all my photos to 1000*667 resolution before adding them to a blog. That’s brings them in below 1 mb, rather than the huge size they were before. It’s also helps your page load faster and the big size isn’t necessary. The other option is to go self hosted and manage your own storage.

  3. You do not want to get rid of old photos on your posts as that cancels out the photos on your blog too. I tried it. Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a pain, I too may have to resort to the unlimited space which comes at quite a price. I have a travel part of my blog and I do enjoy posting pictures, I have a gardening section too. So I don’t really want to make my pictures smaller, as they do show well. It’s a pain I know.

  4. Premium allows site monetization which could offset doing the buying extra space instead of upgrading to the more expensive plan.

    I have the free plan and that’s why I don’t have a lot of photos. I know it hurts my blog, but money is tight right now. If they didn’t make the premium plan require an annual payment, I could afford monthly even if it’s a bit more than the yearly rate.

    I could do the yearly personal rate, but it doesn’t allow you to monetize it.

      1. I have tons of photos I would like to add, but I would need unlimited which is a long way from my budget. I am hoping to upgrade to premium in the near future which would allow me to do some things to generate income which hopefully would be enough to make upgrading to business a bit more doable.

  5. I’ve had my blog since 2010, the free option, and have used less than 30% of the available space. I reduce almost all my photos to 800 x 600. You can go into your media library and edit images to reduce them. Just select an image and click on the Edit button below the picture to rescale it.

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