Having the power

There is something deeply tragic in having the power. It’s something that everybody wants, and yet being holder of it, it triggers envy and resentments; extract from an exiting historical novel that I’ve read “I Medici Una regina al potere” which has as a main character Catherine de’ Medici, the queen of France from 1547 until 1559.

I don’t envy the powerful people, is not easy for them to be there. They have a completely different life than you will expect.

There’s a saying in Romanian “aparentele insala” or “appearances are deceiving”. So don’t envy the power, live your life to the best! You are the power!

Photo credit: Pixabay

14 thoughts on “Having the power

  1. No one should have power over others. No one should start wars, since the people wouldn’t do it themselves…no one should die for the power held by others. Power to the People! Governments, if we have to have them, should be made up of everyone, all voices heard and people paid minimum wage. Militarized police, death…that’s what power is…war, hatred and inequality. So, power over others is wrong…holds people down, targets them and like the idiot in power here, rips children from their parents and deports them. Idiots, cruel dictators who control EVERYTHING. Blah. They stay safe and send others to die. Bush had to be told not to smile when talking about dead soldiers. Idiots.

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