The triumph

“The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” Thomas Paine

So don’t give up, even if it’s difficult don’t give up! I know is not easy but if we don’t give up, our triumph will be glorious and will give us so much satisfaction.

Friday is here! Yeeeey! Have a lovely weekend!

PopsicleSociety-the triumph
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  1. Ohh popsicle! This is BRILLIANT! What a wonderful rallying cry. It gets me all excited inside. Yes yes, TRIUMPH. We don’t use that word very often do we. But we SHOULD. Wonderful!

  2. It’s not easy to accept the downfall that happened abruptly.. Take an instance, your fired from work and a bank is expecting you to pay their loan.

      1. @popsiclesociety… Your fired from work… You have a debt to pay.. & no support is behind or infront of you… Yes i agree with you bt its hard to have that faith that yu can move up u do have to blv in yourslf

      2. I agree that is not easy. Most of the time is difficult because our life unfortunately is difficult but is important to believe in yourself! If you believe in yourself and you believe you can make it you’ll see that you will! You first need to believe!

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