Saturday, Baby Octopus

From when we live in Singapore, I was not able to find the octopus or baby octopus at the supermarket, but finally these days I managed to find it online with delivery in the same day! Yes, thanks RedMart!

I love to cook it in a simple way, just boiled in water for around 40 minutes (1h if it’s a big octopus), and then add extra virgin olive oil, garlic and finely chopped parsley. Season with salt and pepper and that’s it!

It reminds me of our Saturday morning walks in the market in Piazza delle Erbe in Padua, when we always used to stop for a “spunciotto” and a glass of Prosecco or even two, is too good to stop at only one ☺️

Enjoy this tastefully baby octopus, an exquisite food source. Thanks to their minimum energy and caloric intake, their discrete digestibility, high protein value and not negligible and low lipid concentration. Rich as they are of vitamins and minerals, perfect to taste, as in this easy and tasty recipe.

PopsicleSociety_baby octopus1
Photo credit: Popsicle Society

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  1. Perfect timing! My husband just bought me frozen squid from the store yesterday! I wasn’t sure how to fix it but I love calamari. I will have to give your way a try! Thanks!

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