Firenze, Italy

Are you planning your next vacation? Think at Italy! Think at Florence!

This year we went back home in Italy in spring. I love specially to go back in spring as everything is blooming. Everything is coming back to life. As the blossoms and scents of spring are tickling your senses, the weather is warm and sunny. Specially in May when there’s very little rain.

We’ve spent some days with our family and a few days visiting Florence and Rome. These cities are always beautiful and full of history but I feel in springtime is everything even better.

As you may know Florence is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance. A turbulent political history includes periods of rule by the powerful Medici family and numerous religious and republican revolutions. Medici family was an Italian banking family and political dynasty that first began to gather prominence under Cosimo de’ Medici in the Republic of Florence during the first half of the 15th century. The family originated in the Mugello region of Tuscany and prospered gradually until it was able to fund the Medici Bank. The Medicis dominated their city’s government and were able to bring Florence under their family’s power, and created an environment in which art and humanism flourished.

Reading their history before and then walking on the same streets that they did is simply amazing. We’ve visited Uffizzi Galleries, Pitti Palace and Boboli Garderns, Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence Cathedral.

We’ve stayed at Antico Centro Suite which is located in the heart of Florence, 2 minutes walk from the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral. We absolutely loved it and already recommended it to our friends. A very cosy place.

We only had a few days but we enjoyed it a lot. Is really amazing the feeling that this city gives you.

Boboli Garden is wonderful in spring and it was a sunny and warm day.

And of course who didn’t read or watched Dan Browns’ Inferno? Seeing Dante Alighieri’s death mask was something stunning.

Of course I left Florence with 4 new books of Medici family, a loaf of Tuscan bread 🙂 and a lot of great memories.

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