Porcini mushrooms ravioli with butter and sage sauce

Hello my dear readers, If it’s Friday means that is time for another easy and super delicious recipe. Well since this week we have discovered the sage, I want to re-share my recipe for Ravioli ai funghi porcini with butter and sage sauce. Butter and sage is the perfect sauce that enhance all the sage’s […]

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Discovering our food: Sage

Hello my dear readers, December already…in almost all parts of the world is winter time, so better to stay inside with a cup of hot tea or coffee and have some good readings 🙂 Today let’s discover another very used and known aromatic herb, let’s discover the sage. Sage (Salvia officinalis) is a plant that […]

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A new journey

Hello my dear readers, For some of us is Monday already and some of you are still enjoy probably a Sunday evening, lucky you 🙂 Sunday or Monday, is August already! Can you believe it? Time does fly so fast! Soon we will hear Christmas songs 🙂 OMG! But first, let’s enjoy this summer! Oh […]

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