Conchiglie Pasta With Tuna and Olives in Tomatoes Sauce

Ready for another super easy pasta dish? Sometimes back I have shared with you Penne with Tuna and Olives. A super easy and tasty recipe. Well, if we change the pasta type and add tomatoes sauce we will get a different dish but equally delicious. 200g conchiglie pasta 1 tuna can in extra virgin olive […]

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Truffle fettuccine pasta with artichokes paste

Hello my dear readers, Since this partial lockdown started also in Singapore from 7th of April (I say partial because we still can go out for work, groceries and to the park if we want), I thought now is a good time to use whatever we have in the pantry, avoiding going out for groceries […]

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Friday Funday – Surprise, surprise

Hello my dear readers, How are you today? This was my third week in lockdown and beside working from home, I do have some time for myself too. And since time is very precious we need to use it wisely and so … I did. Surprise, surprise I used my time to create my first […]

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