5 things I learned in my 1.5 years blogging journey

Hello my dear readers, I have started my blogging journey with 2 things in my mind, no, actually 3: 1.To share some of my hobbies like cooking and traveling 2. To bring a smile on readers’s faces 3. And to take it at a certain level and be able to monetize something from it  Now, […]

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Chain Letter Tag – Happiness

I was nominated by my dear Huguette https://huguetteantoun.com/ for Chain Letter Tag – Happiness. I see one of the rules mention 3. 2. 1 Quote Me, which was created by Rory himself, so I think is some form of awesome mutation 🙂 Spread the happiness around the blogosphere 🙂 The Rules for this “Chain-Letter” as […]

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