Should you eat green peas?

Hello my dear readers, Last week we have learned more about green peas origins, varieties, seasonality, how to choose and buy them, how to cultivate green peas even in our balcony and how to cook them, but should we really eat them? And if yes, why? Let’s try to find out: calories and nutritional values […]

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Discovering our food: green peas

Hello my dear readers, Ready to discover another wonderful food that this planet give us? Because is spring time, let’s discover today the green peas, one of my spring symbols 🌸 You will find in this post: green peas’ origins green peas’ varieties green peas’ seasonality how to choose and buy green peas green peas […]

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How do you like your green peas?

Did you know that in the mid-19th century, Austrian monk Gregor Mendel’s observations of pea pods led to the principles of Mendelian genetics, the foundation of modern genetics? He ended up growing and examining about 28,000 pea plants in the course of his experiments. Mendel chose peas for his experiments because he could grow them easily, develop […]

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