Mini softhearted chocolate cake

Hello my dear readers, After all that we have discovered about chocolate this week here and here, I don’t know you but I would love a chocolate recipe 😉 Furthermore, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Why not surprise your Valentine with a super decadent softhearted chocolate cake or is called also lava cake or […]

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Discovering our food: chocolate #2

Hello my dear readers, We have seen from where chocolate comes from and the long process needed to create the chocolate that we all love, now it’s time to see how to choose a good one and what are its benefits. Chocolate – today Today, chocolate as we find it on the market is the […]

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Discovering our food: chocolate #1

Hello my dear readers, And since February, the month of love is here, it’s time to discover more about an aphrodisiac ingredient from our kitchens. Are you a sweet tooth? Well, I’m not really, but a good chocolate I can’t deny it. Let’s see from where the chocolate comes from? Chocolate is a food derived […]

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