Hello October

Hello my dear readers,

And yet another month has passed by.

Hello October

How was my September?

Well, I think the best word to describe it would be “asa și-așa” how I would say it in Romanian, meaning not bad, not good but somewhere in between.

Work is still the same, going to the office 2 times per week and for the rest working from home.

Despite the fact that the country’s population is vaccinated almost at 90%, COVID-19 cases are on the rise but I guess we all are used with it by now.

With my Natural Health (Diet & Nutrition) Course I’ve completed 2 modules by now, with the 3rd one though I’m quite slow…slow but steady 😉

But I’m happy I was able to post 2 recipes from my nutritional plan, if you’ve missed them I’ll link them below:

If you are interested in eating healthy and having a nutritional balanced diet, stay tuned, more of my daily delicious meals will come.

As with my personal life, I am a little bit in an existential crisis right now. Lots of questions without answers, but life is still going on and I’m sure the answers will find me eventually if they need to find me.

Actually I have realised these days that blogging is really something that I enjoy a lot. So yes, slowly I’ll find my way 😉.

I had a few medical visits this month and so far luckily no further investigations just monitoring the situation.

At least I keep exercising regularly and I see the results which are really a good motivation to move forward and see what life will bring me.

I am happy that I still can enjoy the wonderful nature around me and I still do long walks every day, this has become a great habit now.

If you are a nature lover too and you want to see some of Singapore’s beauties without any filter, you may visit my Instagram page nature_my_happy_place

On the baking side I was quite slow but I’m working at a few recipes that will come soon.

My readings in September

I had the pleasure to read the book of one blogger friend Simon, a “Wisdom seeker in a Journey of finding who I am” how he define himself, the author of Pen on Site.

The book is called Alex: Dreams can kill Alex – Nerd Kid and you can find it on Amazon.

Simon loves to write horror stories and I must admit his imagination doesn’t have limits.

Alex: Dreams can kill Alex – Nerd Kid is his perfect signature. I am not a fan of horror stories or movies but this book is a must read. The horror in this book is an everyday reality that some people struggle with.

Well done Simon, looking forward for the next one 😉

Overall September was “asa și-așa”, I can’t find a better word for it.

Now let’s see how October will be.

How was your September? Have you managed to realise your goals? What word would you associate to September overall? Let me know, I would love to know.

My October goal?

Be healthy, happy, stay in shape, enjoy nature, do some food photography 📸 and blogging!

Wish you a wonderful month filled with happiness, health and lots of goal achievements, whatever your goals may be.

Popsicle Society
Popsicle Society

I love traveling, cooking and enjoying this beatiful world. 
I’m a life lover! Simple as that!

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  1. September flew mercilessly. I thought March was the only one that was supposed to “March.” But this year, every month went off in a jiffy 😅 I hope you get your big answers soon… Happy Happy October! Here’s to a fulfilling month! 💐

    1. It seems incredible but really 9 months from this year are gone already 😅
      Thank you very much! Wish you a wonderful, happy and fulfilling October too! 🌸🌸

    1. Oh yes 😉 With weight loss is never easy but remember that consistency is the key and is really satisfying when you see the results 😉 Stay strong 💪🏻😉 You can do it 😉

  2. October has arrived and with that comes the fall season. There are so many fun things about October and so much to think about. Soon the shelves will be filled with candy, everything will be pumpkin and cinnamon flavoured, and the sidewalks covered with leaves. Happy October, my friend 🙂 Aiva xx

    1. So very true! You’re mentioning pumpkin and cinnamon…exactly today I’ve baked with pumpkin and cinnamon 😉 What a wonderful and amazing fall flavors 😋😉
      Happy October dear Aiva! Have a wonderful month!

  3. September was a case of the good and the bad – somethings from a memory of September 2020, somethings brand new unexpected – at this point all related to my personal well being/health. But I did find a new form of creativity. And then I had to reschedule all of my life as wander in a new field of the unexpected health issues. Not sure that October will bring any closure as NZ and in particular my region is in yet another lockdown! No autumn here, it’s all spring – a nice day today but as per usual some nasty spring storms…

    So yes, back to you “hello October”… racing towards the end of this year, when we just had the beginning…let’s hope we can all find a way out of this maze of living in our respective worlds…virtual hugs to you

    1. Thank you very much! I hope October will bring you health first and hopefully some better news related to Covid…lockdowns can really be very annoying…Spring is my favorite season when everything comes back to life! 🌸 Hopefully the storms will not be too bad 😅

  4. Hi Rabina,
    Thank you for sharing your interesting September journey. For me somehow I have never really caught up with myself since my 10th -17th August trip to Liverpool having minor health issues recently. I think really the impact of my brother’s sudden heart attack has felt itself.

      1. Hi Rabina,
        Hope you are well.
        Thank you for your good wishes.
        Thank God my brother is progressing well with his cardiac rehabilitation programme and my health issues are gradually resolving.
        As they say ‘your health is your wealth’. Yes, hopefully October will be a wonderful and happy month and for you too.

      2. Hi Margaret, I’m glad your brother is recovering well!
        Yes, I guess is true, our health is really our wealth! Without health we have nothing.
        Take care and have a wonderful month ahead! 🌸

      1. Totally agree.

        Currently Suze is going through stages of regrets and regretting her yesterdays – l keep telling her, just move on, it is done, you can’t go back.

      2. I’m very sorry and yes, she should just concentrate on the future as nothing can’t be changed from the past…she should set some new goals that will keep her motivated to move on!

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