I am a blogger, but am I a writer?

Honestly I can say I am a blogger and I proudly consider myself a blogger but a writer

What does it mean to be a writer

Is a blogger considered a writer? 

Does it mean that if I write blog posts, I am a writer? 

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Me: I am a writer.

You: What do you write? 

Me: Blog posts. 

Can I say that? Can I sell myself as a writer? A freelance writer? Can I get paid to write if I’m a blogger?

When can you consider yourself a writer? 

I know and read lots of bloggers that are great writers and published their books. But what about me? I am a blogger. Am I a writer?

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Definition of writer

According Oxford Advanced American Dictionary a writer is a person whose job is writing books, stories, articles, etc.; a person who has written a particular thing; a person who forms letters in a particular way when they are writing. 

I am a blogger. Am I a writer? Photo credit Canva edited by Popsicle Society

So maybe yes, according to the definition of a writer, it is not my job to write books, stories, articles but I am a person that has written a particular thing like blog posts. 

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For me, to be a writer means to have the ability to express your thoughts regardless of the subject.

In my head some ideas sound so great but when I want to write them down it is so difficult, the words are simply so messy, nothing compared with how are in my head. 

I feel like in my head the words are flowing so beautifully and coherent but when I start writing them down are just a bunch of simple words put together to form a sentence.

I think my brain should be connected to a computer that can write down my thoughts in real time. 

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I am a blogger. Am I a writer? Well, yes. I am a good writer? Can I express my thoughts? Maybe not as I would like to, but I enjoy writing blog posts and I’m sure consistency in writing my posts will help me express myself and become a better writer.

If you want to become a writer, blogging is a great step in this path, where you can exercise and get better day by day.

As a blogger, do you consider yourself a writer?

Would like to know.

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  1. I honestly don’t consider myself a writer because I don’t think I write too well or express myself very well. But I do identify as a blogger who enjoys sharing stories. 😊

    1. We have to keep on reading as well as writing to become a good writer. Reading we collects many words and ideas to write in our memory Bank. Writing improves as we write. Happy Reading and Happy Writing 🙂

      1. I couldn’t agree more! Reading is equally important in a writer journey! And blogging is a great way to learn to express ourselves! Thank you! Happy reading 📖 and writing ✍️ 😉

      2. That’s wonderful! From my experience I would say if you want to become a good blogger, first thing is to write about what you like, find your audience that have the same interests, have a schedule of posting as consistency is very important and last but very important, interact with your community, you’ll find amazing friends 😉

      3. From my experience I would say that is not necessary! Is always depending on what you want! A good blogger or having lots of followers on social media? You can also be a good blogger without being present on all socials…I would say to start and focus with one at the time because when you concentrate on too many at the same time the quality of work is not there…😉

      1. As long as you write, for sure 😉 Blogging is a great way that helps us become better writers 😉 Thank you very much for stopping by and for your input.

  2. You raise very interesting questions, Ribana. My writing does go into my blog now, but, apart from a couple of books on crosswords I have not had any other prose published. I have, however, been writing reports all my professional life. So, I guess I am a writer.

  3. It’s all about perception. Writing in whatever manner and style has always been and remains openly inclusive.Blogging is the new writing.

  4. Ribana, It took me a long time to consider myself a writer. Friends and family kept referring to me as a writer and I would say, no, I am only a blogger. But, with great humility I have accepted the title of writer and once I accepted that designation, I honestly feel my blog posts became more interesting and more “writerly”.

    1. You are a great writer Bernadette! Your posts are wonderfully written! Being considered a writer I guess is a big satisfaction! Blogging is a wonderful way to express yourself!

  5. Someone once said, “I write. So I am a writer.” I don’t think anyone would say “you aren’t a reader” because you only read one type of written words.

    1. Blogging is writing too! You don’t need to have a degree in writing in order to be a writer. As for the training and experience, blogging is exactly that!
      I consider myself a blogger too and I don’t do it to be called a writer but because I enjoy it and if in the journey it happens to improve my skills in writing then I’m more than happy 😊

  6. I consider myself a writer. You’re supposed to be considered a professional photographer when someone buys your work, so maybe there’s a difference being a professional writer? I have no idea. There are obviously an infinite number of ways to be a writer, and I guess I consider myself a writer because I write. But I’d never call myself a photographer!

    1. Good point! I guess a professional writer is a person who has the respective education and option also to get writing as a job and get paid for it. As well as a professional photographer!
      But you are right, there are lots of ways to be a writer and as long as you write something, you are a writer!

  7. I had a goal in 6th grade to be a Photojournalist for Life Magazine. I didn’t make to college so writing was out until 2005 when I started my blog. I did write for my school paper, yearbook and local paper but I was a teen. I think I’m a writer, just not the way I imagined.

  8. I think being writer doesn’t only means if you earning income, if one can transfer all the thoughts and talk in his head to paper, he can be called a writer 😊, rest depends upon on how our writing effects on readers’ mind,, if it can make a contact then you can earn name , fame and money as a writer,, otherwise you can be continue just as a writer,,
    As u said blogging is a good start, 👍🏻,, i feel if you can write daily diary how every day’ s events moves us, that can be helpful too

    1. Thank you for your insight! I completely agree! Being able to express our thoughts the way we want is the most important thing from being a writer.
      Writing daily for sure is a great exercise that can help us improve and get better day by day.

  9. Back when blogging was the king, before facebook, twitter, instagram and god knows what social media, I take my first step as a writer. You write? Then you’re a writer. Blog post are articles, you’re a writer. To end this. Yes, bloggers are writer. The end haha 😀

    1. Hahaha 🤣 Thank you dear Jess! Is good to have the opinion of such a good writer like yourself 😉📖 Being able to publish your books I guess is a great satisfaction as a writer!

  10. You write and I always enjoy reading what you have written. This post is a thought provoking one. I think I am a writer . And I think you are a writer. So that’s that decision made! Have a good week Ribana.

  11. I am a writer, deep in my mind that virus manipulated me in a crazy way 🤪 to call myself a writer 🤣😅😂. You are a writer Ribana! Anyone can write, but writing in a certain style, can only be performed by a writer and you do that already “Blogging” Writing for cookery, you amazingly deliver us delicious recipes, and you are too good at it – being a writer. I can’t judge you, maybe you can write something else better than cooking recipes/ideas. Blogger is like our rough space where we scribble all we wanted, as we wanted 🤓. To the writers in us 🍻🥂 Have a Lovely week 🎉🥳

    1. Hahaha, thank you Simon for your kind words! Yes, you’re right…there are certain styles and topics in writing…I do like to cover more on the side of nutrition and recipes because I feel more confident…writing stories unfortunately maybe sounds nice in my head but cannot put it on paper 📝 but you’re very good at it 😉📖 Blogging is the perfect exercise 😉✍️
      Have a lovely week Simon! Cheers to writing 🥂😉🤩

  12. Haha, this is a thought provoking post. I like to write down moments and thought from every day life. So blogging helps improve my writing capability. ❤

      1. It is my pleasure to hear the appreciation from you and this comment lifted my mind. Riby, you are a peculiarly pleasant and fascinating writer. 😀

  13. In my view: Being a writer and being a blogger are two different things but reaching to same destination. If you consider yourself as a blogger than you are a writer , and if you are a writer, you passed to be a blogger. Blogging point to your style of words and sentences and emotions . Great topic to discuss about.

    1. Thank you very much for stopping by and for your input. Yes, I believe blogging is a very good exercise that can help us become better writers no matter the topics that we choose to write ✍️

  14. Thanks for sharing Popscile- I am an aspiring writer. And way I see is- If you want to become a writer, do what writers do. What do writers do? They write. 😀

  15. I think a blogger qualifies as writer – just specialized in a particular type of writing. It’s a heart thing. If putting your thoughts in writing is your passion, I say you are a writer.

    1. Great definition 😉 Thank you for stopping by and for your input! I completely agree, it’s a heart thing 😉💕
      Being able to express your thoughts in writing is very special and who does it can consider himself/herself a writer 😉

  16. Any type of writing helps provide greater clarity. So yes, I may not be a good writer (yet) but the practice of blogging sharpens the skills. And I definitely agree w/ @deepanilamni that we must continue reading to improve! 👍🏻

    1. I completely agree! Blogging is a very good exercise that helps us to improve our writing ✍️ and of course reading is very handy too 😉
      Thank you for stopping by and for your input! Very appreciated! Happy writing 😉

  17. I am studying creative writing at the moment and some of the exercises ask you to write a short story about a photograph you are given. So your imagination has to be used and your choice of words, also a beginning, middle and end. So I would consider myself a writer who also blogs. Love your blog btw.

    1. That’s wonderful! Yes, to be a writer really means to be able to express your thoughts and your imagination 😉 Thank you for stopping by and for your input! Very appreciated! Happy studying, writing and blogging 😉

  18. I myself have stopped separating the different categories and have lumped everything into one category of ‘writing’. As long as I write regularly (a project from start to finish), then I consider myself a writer. Anyway, thanks for this thought-provoking post!

    1. That’s a very good progress! I believe we all need some good exercise until we can consider ourselves writers but in the end as long as we’re able to express ourselves is called writing ✍️😉 Thank you for stopping by and for your input! Very appreciated!

  19. Yes, you are. In fact, we all are to some degree. Imagining a conversation in one’s head, planning a presentation for work, giving a toast at a wedding…all these things require one to ‘write’, even if only in the mind. We are all writing our journeys in this life. I have been a writer since I could hold a pen. I’ve been working on my novel for nearly ten years now. Does having a rabid audience make a person a writer? No. It makes them popular but it doesn’t define being a writer. Look at all the comments here. You are connecting, involving, inspiring and encouraging. You write. Everything we do is progress at becoming the best at what we want for ourselves. Keep writing. Keep learning. Don’t judge yourself but be able to accept constructive criticism along the way. Be happy in what you do!

    1. Thank you very much for stopping by and for your valuable input! You’re very right! We write everything in our mind! True, the audience definitely don’t define the writer! This journey is one of continuous learning and I think that’s the beauty of it! And being able to connect and interact with others is really priceless and helps a lot! As long as we’re happy with what we do, we must keep going 😉 Happy blogging and happy writing! And a happy day!

  20. Hi! I love writing. I am not sure why and how I started love writing. Maybe it is because writing is the best thing I can do in my life and writing makes me feel unique to others. And I love being unique. But, I am still not confident enought to label me as either a writer or a blogger.

    1. Hello and thank you for stopping by and for sharing! I’m glad you love writing and definitely each of us has a unique style, and that’s what make it interesting and beautiful 😍
      Blogging I think is a very good exercise that helps us to become better and better at expressing ourselves 😉
      Happy writing and happy blogging 🌸

  21. We have people like me who find it easy to express themselves through writting, for one to become a good writer then hard work is the key as one should read and do so many researches…

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