My travel bucket-list: Bali, Indonesia

I know, I know what are you thinking about. I’m living at less than three hours flight from Bali, how could I’ve never been to Bali?Β 

I really don’t know but I need to settle this and fast.

What do you imagine when you hear Bali? For me it’s a tropical paradise.Β 

Bali is a province in Indonesia located east of Java and west of Lombok, and is approximately 8 degrees south of the equator, therefore you can expect a tropical, warm and humid climate all year-round with two main distinctive seasons: Dry Season and Rainy Season.

Average year-round temperature stands at around 26-27Β°C (79-80 degrees Fahrenheit) with a humidity level of about 85-90%. Water temperatures are always pleasant. The two seasons are not clear cut and fully predictable.

High season is during the months of July and August and Christmas / New Year (December till 1st week of January). This is the time Bali is the busiest. Definitely not good for me as I don’t like when is too crowded. However, for many reasons, best time to go to Bali is April, May, June and September, just before and just after high season.

It’s still dry season, it’s slightly less humid, and accommodation prices can be 30-50% cheaper than during high season, YES 😊 Many shops offer sales and promotions, restaurants are less crowded in mid-season months, and in general Bali is a bit more relaxed. October is not too bad either, still much less rain than November.Β 

Bali is Indonesia’s main tourist destination, which has seen a significant rise in tourists since the 1980s. Tourism-related business makes up 80% of its economy.

The island is surrounded by coral reefs. Beaches in the south tend to have white sand while those in the north and west have black sand, so impressive. Bali is also part of the Coral Triangle, the area with the highest biodiversity of marine species. In this area alone, over 500 reef-building coral species can be found.

Bali’s central mountains include several peaks over 2,000 metres (6,600 feet) in elevation and active volcanoes such as Mount Batur. The highest is Mount Agung (3,031Β m, 9,944Β ft), known as the “mother mountain”, which is an active volcano rated as one of the world’s most likely sites for a massive eruption. In late 2017 Mount Agung started erupting and large numbers of people were evacuated, temporarily closing the island’s airport. In 2018 Agung remained on the boil until late June when it again erupted with 2Β km high plumes interrupting air traffic.Β 

Bali’s volcanic nature has contributed to its exceptional fertility and its tall mountain ranges provide the high rainfall that supports the highly productive agriculture sector.

Balinese culture was strongly influenced by Indian, Chinese, and particularly Hindu culture, beginning around the 1st century AD. Bali is the only Hindu majority province in Indonesia, with 83.5% of the population adhering to Balinese Hinduism.Β 

The largest city is the provincial capital, Denpasar, near the southern coast.

Bali’s second-largest city is the old colonial capital, Singaraja, which is located on the north coast. Other important cities include the beach resort, Kuta, which is practically part of Denpasar’s urban area, and Ubud, situated at the north of Denpasar, is the island’s cultural centre.

Bali is famous for a very high value-for-money-ratio, which allows traveler to enjoy and afford the wonder of this island, regardless of their budget. Choose from basic home-stays run by friendly Balinese families, and 5 star beach resorts or luxurious, or privately-serviced Bali villas with your private pool.

Bali is the rare place that is both deeply spiritual and totally fun. Whatever your age or interest, whether you are traveling with your loved ones or alone, you are certain to find mental and physical satisfaction. Even during a short visit, you can let loose, stay fit, and explore the cultural and traditional roots of the island. In fact, with so many affordable options on offer, the only hard work in Bali is deciding what to do next.

From canyoning, sailing and speedboat cruises, scuba diving, visiting Bali bird park, sightseeing tours, ATV/ Quad tours, rafting, wake boarding park, fascinating temples, hot spring baths, rice-fields, mountain biking or trekking tour, climb the volcano for a magical sunrise then to not mention the beaches and sun…oh wow really the list is endless.Β 

Well I think we need at least one month trip to be able to enjoy everything 😊

See you Bali 😊


Photo credit and research: Google