You are someone too

“Make someone smile every day. But never forget that you are someone too.” 

Never forget about yourself and never underestimate you! You deserve to be happy too!

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  1. Interesting one Desai. An incident happened the other day stopping me in my tracks. I had been recently doing a lot of giving to people & putting my positive side forward. on this particular rainy day when I was feeling emotionally drained and physically cold & prevoccupied needing to get a plumber to my hot water I passed one of my regular homeless friends sitting as usual on the ground near the pay & display car park. Ordinarily I would stop as with the others, have a chat & contribute in cash or give food from my shopping. On this occasion I carried on & in what sounded an aggressive manner ‘what is the matter with you’ ? the guy (know his name but wish in this instance to respect his anonymity) commented. I replied ‘ I cannot always be smiling as I have ghings on my mind’. I felt so hurt and had a tight feeling in my chest. I went home & went to bed 3p.m

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